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PLEASE READ Read read...so that we don't waste each others time. on second thought don't bother, I've delete everything... no one reads anyway, just look at the pictures and if interested go to the blog or the website for more info if you'd like to participate...

Updates: It doesn't matter... If I sent you FR I might be in your area and available to shoot or coming your way soon.

Welcome to the A L Erotica Port...
Home of The Private I project "I have several ports if this makes you uncomfortable"...LoL!

I'm looking for a few free spirits who are bold and daring to enjoy the ride with me as we enlighten others and create something powerful and timeless that inspires a healthy dialogue or debate.

Good or bad taste in art is subjective to individual interpretation, much like beauty…
Art models who express they will only do tasteful nudes lack an understanding of their purpose as inspiration in the creative process.

What one considers bad taste another may see as ground breaking, original, beautiful and masterful.
question: Why is it that the male Genitalia for example can only be shown if flaccid, the vagina can not be shown if exposed or penetrated. Yet images of simulated blood and gore, the walking dead, and other strange fetishes and unnatural displays are accepted as ART. Why are we still so uncomfortable with the expression of the natural act of sexual pleasure? The Art of LOVE making is something most if not all of us desire to do, it's a natural part of life yet we still cower behind closed doors in the darkness as if ashamed. I choose to step out of the darkness into the light as I seek knowledge of a new understanding and total acceptance free of judgment, limitations and shame….

This is the Private I Project...

Come join me.

I don't expect to make real friends from the net, but if it happens that's cool...

I'd like to thank those who appreciate my vision as I try to expand the boundaries or sensual art photography and EROS.

Join the Blog: http://theprivateiproject.blogspot.com/

Seeking, MUA, Stylist, and models to continue on this journey...

If you contact me I will assume you are interested in shooting.

Couples and singles welcome.

Model release provided and signage required before shooting.

I shave my head so dandruff is out
I don't eat cold cereal
I avoid the cold and snow
So why would I accept flakes from MM...

Models, please don't send me your rates and I promise not to charge you... ;-)


Only those most daring, liberal and open to creative expression need contact me, nudity is not a requirement... LoL!

This project is for potential publication and exhibit 2011

To see the full scope of my work visit my website http://altpi.net


A special thanks to all those who have supported this project and offered advise, comments, and critiques...