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About Me

**** RECENT update: I had to create a new one as facebook deleted the last. grrr..

Here is the link to my new one: http://www.facebook.com/GordonsLifePhotography
Or you can find me with this e-mail: gordonslife@gmail.com

Also if you like my work please support it on my pretentious and undeserved fanpage below.

***** ALSO: My 2011 travel is slowly coming together. Let me know if you still want to schedule some time.

The name is Thomas Gordon. I am a stock photographer in the Hampton Roads area, but I shoot all styles and freelance for a number of companies.

My photography site is known as Gordon'sLife Photo, but here on MM I go by that name as well as my old tag keldar which came from my e-mail back in college. Yes, I am a part-time shooter with a very real job but I love photography and it keeps me sane. :-)

Ok, what else do you need to know?

First, I NEVER ever shoot without a signed model release. No model release no shoot. I also use the standard Istockphoto/Getty model release a copy of which can be found here: http://www.istockphoto.com/docs/languag … elease.pdf

If you schedule with me, and then blow me off for a shoot, don't expect to shoot with me again... and for the record a cell phone call or text message cancelling an hour before because you stayed out late drinking and can't get your butt out of bed does not cut it.

Hopefully still interested in shooting? In that case here are some links to my work:

Website: http://www.gordonslifephoto.com/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gordonslife
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/GordonsLifePhotography
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GordonsLife

My studio equipment includes: 4 AlienBees B800 Flash Units, 9ft paper backdrops and a CANON EOS-5D MARK II.

Due to my schedule, VERY Selective TFP/CD. Only if we have worked before, you have something exceptional to add to my book, or I LOVE your look or attitude. I like to shoot with excited and uninhibited people. Someone who brings something special to my work or is a joy to be around is always appreciated.

That being said, I strongly prefer to shoot without husbands or boyfriends looking over my shoulder, models can of course bring along unobtrusive escorts that do not stay on set. The escorts MUST be quiet and please do not look to them for advice on shooting but instead stay focused on me. It is a major pet peeve of mine. I would much rather you just contacted any of the models or photographers that have worked with me and/or checked references.

Here is access to a public blogpost with numerous comments from people I have worked with, so please look at it:

http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuse … =482938902

I rarely shoot with the under 18 crowd but if you want to work with me a PARENT has to sign the model release. I also insist upon meeting or speaking to a parent or guardian, and in some cases would actually prefer them to stay on set with their child.

The best way to contact me is e-mail: tom@gordonslifephoto.com

Thank you in advance for considering me and I look forward to working with you! :-)

Btw, if interested feel free to click you like my photography on this facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/GordonsLifePhot … 7686806557


I find this part of the profile annoying but since people consistently ask me..
Freelance photographer and/or photographic work utilized by the following companies:

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin
33 Magazine - www.magazine33.com
Oprah Website: www.oprah.com
Cosmo Girl: http://www.cosmogirl.com/lifeadvice/dai … ol-cliques
Boys Life Magazine
OfficeMax/Mcaffee Virus Scan - Mexico City
Hewlett Packard e-newletter
Cover Image: Volunteeringaustralia
Harris Publishing Company
Discovery Online
The LastCall Magazine, Virginia Edition
ALIEN BOYS Apparel - www.AlienBoys.com
Nations CLothing Company www.nationsclothing.com
BROGEN/BrosGeneration Clothing
Synergi Group - Events including the Womens Success Conferences
USMC - Toys for Tots Campaign
Nations Clothing www.nationslothing.com
BROGEN/ www.brosgeneration.com/shop/index.php
Phosphorescence Magazine - Premier Issue/March 2007
Kidzlikemine Website Image 2007 -
Bo-Bunny (Romance Collection Advertisement) - Simple Scrapbooks Magazine May/June 2007
http://www.pathsofdevotion.com/islam/modesty.html - 2007

**Many, many more.. thus far over 10,000 stock images sold.

Credits for models on Model Mayhem:

Christina757, ID # 1878900
Alex Hupfeld, ID # 1872647
sexymomma of 4, ID # 1845439
xx chrissy xx, ID ID #1751013
Khadjiah ORourke, ID #1355215
Alisha Renee Hudson, ID # 1461197
Mallory Jean Whitehurst. ID # 1727624
Miss Madison Nicole, ID #1386182
Miss Redrose, ID # 1070238
Ihavetomodel, ID # 1223099
Little Bones, ID #1290262
JennaStarr, ID #1296790
Patrice Ruane, ID #1053096
Carole Lee Smith, ID # 1432759
CandyBandit, ID #905305
Morgan Barbour, ID # 802979
Raven Brittney, ID # 161059
Blue Acid, ID # 791935
Terra Morgan, ID # 26592
Meli87, ID # 1077316
Ali Kennedy, ID # 1056661
Nichole, ID # 5960
Con Artist, ID #809588
Maria Carroll, ID #797300
Chelsea 91, ID #839369
Hard Candy Spider, ID #819184
Ms Meggo, ID #1043770
Jules Sparkle, ID# 822080
Lizzie Bryce, Id # 565164
Tara Tara Wehmeyer, Id # 813181
Nikki Belcher, Id #670470
Fantasy of Innocence, Id # 375898
Chris Winters, Id # 11326
Ashley Ark, Id # 612280
Laura Hawkins, Id #630458
Paul Dunlo, Id # 518999
Stephanie MS, Id # 653665
Miso Pretty, Id # 638330
Rockin Reggie, Id # 408648
Cherieee817, Id # 677976
Tatooed Beauty Queen, Id # 619284
Cleveland Rocks, Id # 597800
Jason Woolard, Id # 148476
Tina Lowe, Id # 563165
Rachel Brann, Id # 586020
Jennifer_MArshall, Id # 51361
Cassandra Ishibashi, Id # 596474
KNC, Id ##566806
Melissa (Miss757), Id# 305813
Sharon Edwards, Id# 356863
Bri Sosa, Id# 314038
Rachel Simmons, Id# 332354
Melissa Feagin, Id# 300449
ChelseaRyan, Id# 546452
Erica aka Lulu, Id# 342796
Lacy99, Id# 357197
Alicia aka Awhitevt, Id# 278861
cherri blonde babi, Id# 367204
Kristinia, Id# 377808
BlueEyez17, Id# 370241
Lyla Hope, Id# 398245
JJO, Mayhem Id# 511629
Alexander James, Mayhem Id# 271867
Anna Gutierrez, Mayhem ID# 485687
511Sam, Mayhem ID# 560275

Non MM (BUT all on myspace):

Linda H.
Sammi R.
Stephanie W.
Kathryn O.
Samantha M.
Marie W.
Amber F.
Anna R.
Anna C.
Melissa H.
Maria M.
Cherie D.

Finally much thanks to the wonderful and talented Ana Abejon (Model Mayhem #179122) for her mentoring and kind assistance getting me into the business AND for her positivity and general good cheer



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Welcome! Please feel free to take advantage of my Holiday Retouch Special. More info can be viewed on my profile! Thanks :)
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