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I am an aspiring photographer working on making the jump from part-time pro/serious hobbyist to full-time professional. Currently, my professional work includes mostly head-shots and various events.
I am here on the site in an attempt to network with other people who share similar goals and in particular I am looking to team up with models who would be willing to pose for me in order to broaden each other's portfolios. I am also looking to meet up with other photographers who may be in need of an assistant or a "second shooter" for various projects.
I can be reached via email at lmgach@mac.com


Models I have worked with:

Angie Hicks #1320729
Lauren Crystal # 888988
Laura A Shodire # 686083
Shalee Holleman #1245787
Vanessa Crow #1050594
Cherel Renee # 720251
Joylyn # 151363
Amanda Staub #1322113
Just Christina #1322992
Stacia Easley # 105356
Iris has Pale Lips # 444135
Ashley Kate # 322189
StephanieStone # 173028
Britney Void Salazar # 893971
Kelly Vy #1153055
Corrie Ivy #1356807
Chloe Lynn #1395533
Demonika Devour #1056242
Holly Cakes # 648020
Mosh # 219654
Julie Leigh Bolene # 659773
Jeska L Vardinski # 14883
Wet Nose #1449598


19 Dec 09 12:31
Very Nice work. Impressive port.
16 Dec 09 10:29
Not sure if your interested but were having a christmas theme shoot , love to see you there!! http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?thread_id=534399 Alexis
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