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LIMITED OPPORTUNITY: I have been given the opportunity of selecting eleven talented and photogenic models to be published in a new magazine in 2019 and 2020. If you believe you have exceptional talent and photogenic appearance you may contact me at my email address or here on iStudio. Include a link to your photos, measurements and information how I may contact you. This is a limited opportunity for new faces who have demonstrate professional potential. Serious inquiries only please. Beginner and advanced models are welcome to participate.

PROJECTS & OPPORTUNITIES: I lost my life's photographic work, equipment, digital & negative files & presentation prints in a flood. I am in the process of rebuilding my portfolio and presentation prints so I am willing to shoot TFCD. I pay models for commercial projects. As part of any TFCD shoot, in addition to the style of photography I need to rebuild, I will shoot other styles you need for your portfolio. All shoots include implied and partial nudity as seen in ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Playboy. Shoots may include fine art nudes.

MODEL RELEASE: I have over 25 years professional experience photographing models worldwide. I have observed how many models are unfairly compensated for their work. Because I believe it is unethical for models to lose financial interest in their work when they do TFP and TFCD shoots; my contract with the model guarantees the model to retain 50% financial interest of all future sales of their photos or images that result from our TFP and TFCD shoot(s).

TFCD Models receive over 300 high resolution digital photos from the initial shoot. Subsequent shoots produce over 800 high resolution digital photos (Images on this site have been reduced for internet viewing). If needed, the photos could be enlarged up to 4 X 7 foot life-sized quality size prints.

TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHY: I do all types of photography from fashion to casual. I do not do adult photography unless requested by the model. My interest in photographing the female form is in art, fine art and portraying the model in beautiful, feminine and innocent poses. Artistic nudes will be complimentary and show the model in a manner that she would be proud to show her family and close friends if she desired.

PUBLISHING: Seeking models that are serious about being published in national and international magazines. There is an opportunity at this time to submit a limited number of models for publication.

SPOKES MODEL: Seeking someone to become the MONTAZH INTERNATIONAL spokes model to work with me once a month for a year. At the end of that time she will have a collection of over 1,000 quality professional photos for her portfolio, exhibiting the model in a wide variety of themes resembling those found in ELLE, Vogue, Cosmo and Playboy. During that year her photos will be submitted to a minimum of 10 national/international publications.

FINE ART: Models interested in fine art photography are needed for an upcoming magazine publication about fine art photography. A collection of fine art photos made in nature and studio locations are being assembled for publication. If you are interested in posing for fine art for publication with credits please contact me.

PREGNANT MODELS: Seeking to expand my portfolio with classical poses of expectant mothers and mothers with newborns.

PARENTS: If you are the parent of a promising young model, you are encouraged to contact me. I will be happy to work closely with you in promoting your child's modeling career. I have two daughters and three granddaughters and can identify with your concerns. I am always interested in developing new quality talent. My rates are very reasonable, so please inquire. There is an opportunity for talented young models to be published. Parents or Guardians may contact me by email. Include sample photos and contact information.

Photographer: "That's me". Your biggest question, what is he like? I am an easy going, soft spoken, no profanity, and non-smoking gentleman. I will treat you like I would want my daughters treated. My shoots are always easy going, no pressure. I have never shouted at or been rude or pushy to a model. You and I are professional artists. We are collaborating on the creation of art. We are seeking to create a masterpiece.

We pause frequently during the shoot for you to review the progress. In a normal shoot we pause half way through, I order your favorite pizza, we pig-out, laugh and then go back to creation. I have worked with many models over thirty years because I treat them fairly and with respect.

I am available to help new models develop their portfolios. I work with models of all ages anywhere in the world when it corresponds with my travel schedule. I travel frequently to all parts of the USA, Canada and occasionally to Europe, Asia and the Mid-East.

I also do archaeological, architectural, nature and family photography.



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