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Hair Color:Red
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Eye Color:Others
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:Some Experience
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About Me

when it comes down to the expected knowledge for who or what we are meant to be, this culture is deteriorating, for there lingers a visceral fear of existence in the heart of humanity. it will take a profoundly veered revelation of untarnished truth in order to walk upon the horizon of liberation and yet the first step involves a release of what is thought to be known as such truth, but is really only merely a preconceived notion or thought. once it has begun after cutting the labels loose, with destiny and purity eternally growing from these planted seeds together, the path to being free is then unearthed. this is where we will find ourselves as we are and what we may become without the prison of judgment that we had originally placed ourselves in. when we let go of who we think we are, we then transform into who we always were at the core to begin with. if we continue to walk this new legend of old wisdom, to breathe or love with untarnished minds, contented spirits, and vivid sight, the world will bloom in ways that we have never been seen before in this lifetime. in acknowledgment of our separate differences from one another, as we stand alone in with strength, courage, and contentment within ourselves, we also destroy the cage of criticism together - perhaps even with the possibility of fusing as one in all of our individuality.

a red-winged, cats eye flutterby.

everything that you think you know is concrete, is only subjective.

that's what makes this beautiful.

greetings, little lovies of miraculous artistry. thank you for stumbling upon my exotic paradise of fire and ice, and please enjoy your visit.

my name is Caitin, also known as Catie.

this is the portfolio designed for, at last, freeing my modeling career out into the open air. although i began as a tenacious model and photographer about a decade ago [in addition with various other arts such as writing, painting, drawing, bead-work, carving, sculpting, etc...], this is what i would like to pursue again, as now i finally have the time, the ability, and the reason - basically, making the decision to stop distracting myself from myself by being so consumed with the massive beauty of others [which i still love to do and will never stop - photography is an absolute gift]. giving myself as a model, as opposed to being a photographer, has been a thrilling experience, especially when trying to avoid myself by being so distracted by the enchanting environment around me with it's creatures of rapture. i am altruistic and sincere in my work, giving you what you're willing to take, because usually, i've got it and then some.

i thrive in the luminous Pacific Northwest, finding myself fuse and mend with the elements of a transcendental allure that burrows into the core of nacreous toned skies. this means that i reside within the entire area, not exclusively my little town, nor Washington alone. if travels can be made, and often are, they will be. of course, anyone who is visiting here is also welcome!

after taking on the role of a photographer off and on for so many years, there are certainly times where when working with others as a model, i find myself lost thinking as a photographer - the photographer that i can be and what it is that i have to be thinking about, which is often thinking about how poses and movements flows with my own camera. the way to help me in this is to let me know what modeling works best for you - movement or still. i am known to move, as i dance, i live, and feel...but, some are more experienced in still shots, and i can provide that as well. sometimes, however, i have assumed that a photographer who needed still shots works more with movements, or the other way around - so inform me of what you work best with. if you prefer candid, all the better as well. if you want beauty, stories, real moments, or imagination gone wild, i am up for any of the thrilling creations of artistry.

i am most comfortable in going with the flow as opposed to constant direction, but i can follow quite easily once i grasp your pace if you have an exact idea of what you want. i'll do my best to give you what you are desiring.

one flaw that does get to me, my body is plagued by some ailments, such as Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome, which makes it so that i'm not 100% of the time available for modeling. or perhaps, some days i may be available for a shorter shoot than others. precise planning can sometimes be delayed, and impulsive drive is often welcome on happy days full of vitality. i can usually detect if i am about to become unwell and if so for any reason, i'll do my best to inform you in case any dates needed to be changed. but alas, as long as there is an understanding with this, we shall be able to work things out properly so that it works for us all in miraculous ways, as it should.

i do require to have water and small things to "eat" if i am off on an all day shoot [which i bring myself], because i am very tiny and also somewhat recovering from a very painful couple of years in malady. if this bothers you to have models nibbling on an apple throughout a day of shooting in order to sustain a bit more energy and survive, i'm terribly sorry, but you'll have to go elsewhere! i love my work, but i won't sacrifice the absolute health of my body for it. besides, you won't get the best out of me if i'm half-dead, anyway.

luckily, more often than not, i am quite electrified and full of such fluid streams of constant imagination and creativity that i could burst with epic ideas. rarely do i fall ill, but i also do need the mutual respect for the possibility of that happening.

i'd say i'm worth it, and once you've got me, you'll most likely be happy. but this, of course, will be up to you and what you aspire to do after what it is that you see here. i'm an aberrant beauty of sorts, to fuse organic nature and emotion within the human form and vice versa.

i love unusual, primal, wild, feral, and eccentric fashion, along with touches of eerie nostalgia, a vintage noir, a rose-tinted romance, a tragic truth of old times. lace and grace, shreds and tears, tender embraces and hard kisses. you will find many contrasts, here.

i'm continuously searching for another transformational challenge, and always thriving for absolute liberation in this sublime comeliness. although always with an ethereal spirit, this is simply a profoundly adamant part of my essence and presence that is a bit hard to dim.

my body and it's porcleain skin is quite adorned with ink. i have full sleeves on both of my arms blending into a flowing shoulder to shoulder piece across the top of my chest near my collarbone, and a body piece in the front, going down and around my left leg. only my right leg and back are now bare, but that is also to soon change within the next few months or so as well. sometime within a year, at least.

i was born with brown cats eyes, which yes, is a real medical condition, but nothing that impairs me. i can't define what is what from great detail from afar, and i have others drive me for this reason if need be, but it certainly doesn't get in the way of my ability to model. if anything, it's simply another feature of mine for the most part - and maybe you like it. maybe you don't. but these are what i've got to work with - dark brown eyes with pupils shaped like upside down teardrops.

a subtle toned scar belongs on each side of my neck, zig-zagging along. again, these i was born with, and have truly no explanation for it. if you're looking for that flawless beauty of no scars, you may be sensitive to mine. if scars don't bother you, then you probably won't notice much at all.

i am exotic, to say the least, and you will have to like something different to like me.

let's hope that you do.

from eccentric fashion shoots to nudes out by the rocky shores, my passion is for showing the majestic magic that is hidden within everything. a desperately ardent surprise that can exist within all elements of this breathtaking world - i take grand pleasure to blend, fuse, and unite with the world itself and expand in it's captivating allure. i am velvet and mud, i am lipstick and the sea, i am delicate lace and a scratch on bare skin. whatever you want me to be, i most likely want to become a part of it. to feel and experience the immense glory in this universe and to join it in it's shining light. while it's eternally illuminating, we are not eternally here to witness it.

i genuinely feel quite free in the nude [which i do almost always charge for, but will occasionally do trade, so i'm sorry if using the word "free" comes off as a lovely little contradiction]. i could live in the lush forests like a feral wood nymph for the rest of my life in blithe.

i also love soft lingerie that makes you feel so desperately reminiscent of old loves under the moonlight.

bizarre features in diverse fashion, i walk out of the house this way, and it's just the way i like it. i haven't yet found anything that was too "crazy" for my liking.

raw, organic emotions and/or tale-telling nature, this is what i love in my heart of hearts, but i love it all.

so, let's document and share this heart-stopping divinity before we dissipate into ancient words of whispers and dust. now, the nitty gritty...

i do a flat rate for the whole day when i shoot.

for photos that are to be used for personal/art gallery purposes -
non-nude - $200.00
nude - $300.00-$400.00
for photos that are to be used for a campaign or ad - starting at $500.00

generally, in order to travel rather long distances, i will need gas compensated and food compensation. it is hard to travel and shoot with this beautiful, yet frail body of mine without some needs being met.

if you have any other questions about anything at all, please feel free to contact me.


i've worked with some important people, and intend to work with more, but am often with Jacob Berger and a few select others who are more in the area. if you would like to know about all who i've worked with, i'd be happy to share and please feel free to ask. for now, it's a growing list. a film with Crispin Glover, Bill DeMichele, a short film called VEER with Gemma Fleming, and Frank Petronio are absolute wonders to work with, just to name a few.


"Your Choice" - 10.26.10