About Me

I have been working in television for the past 17 years with credits on Fox, TruTV, TLC and Discovery. In addition I have film credits on Fox Films and two Spielberg movies. Being a video editor, I am constantly looking for the best shots to use and constantly striving to be the best at what I do. I have taken that same artistic approach to my photography. I am a very professional and take photography serious. I am a very laid back person and very easy to work with. I love to shoot and am always interested in doing TF, if deemed beneficial to my portfolio. Please feel free to contact me at elusiveprods@yahoo.com.



"Bed Bugs: NYC"
"Party Heat: Rowdy River"

Television Editor:

"The Mentor"
"Strangers in Danger"
"Pink Pastry Parlor"
"Hair Battle Spectacular"
"Ice Gurus"
"The Car Show"
"That's Tough!"
"Bed Bugs: NYC"
"Party Heat: Rowdy River"
"World's Wildest Vacation Videos"
"Destroyed in Seconds"
"Lockup New Mexico: Extended Stay"
"Lockup Corcoran Extended Stay"
"How Much is Enough"
"Lockup Raw"
"Ten Years Younger"
"Don't Forget the Lyrics"
"Smokies vs. Bandits"
"Little People Big World"
"Face the Family"

Rotoscope Artist:

"Master and Commander"

Visual Effects Editing for Films:

"Kangaroo Jack"
"Minority Report"
"Catch Me If You Can"
"The Sin Catcher"
"Phone Booth"
"Master of Disguise"
"Bad Company"

Models/Clothing Companies:

Candyland Dolls/ Yoneko Modeling
Manuel Fransisco Clothing
Daniella Robinson #783443
Alana Pellicano #714296
Brittanie Kristin #1060148
Jennifer Yi #1369494
Lu Ross Academy
J Girl Lingerie Store
Guy Matthews Salon and Day Spa
Myara Originals
Misha Girl
Revolution Surf Company
Candy Land Fashion Show
Jettribe International