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A motivational speaker now, and at trade a barber/stylist working in all major hair show and conventions in the country, also teaching at a prestigious school. Getting young barbers to strive to become better then what they believed they could. I now host an annual toy drive that i host every year in Ecuador south America. I am CEO of Rockdidit LLC a corporation that teaches young that if i could do it they can too.

Rocky Coello (born Juan Carlos Coello November 19, 1984) is a Master Barber,
philanthropist and entrepreneur. He has enjoyed much success in the
world of fashion, arts and has won numerous awards and recognition for
his unique hair designs and techniques.

Born in Ecuador under meek conditions helped Rocky strive to achieve
much more for his family. The financial condition of his family moved
him to Florida where they worked to provide a better opportunity and
growth. Rocky found his passion at the early age of 12, while trying
to fit in with the new crowd at school. Not being able to afford a
haircut made him think differently. He recreated a traditional fade
using unconventional tools like a Gillette razor and a mirror. This
led him to pursue his dream and began using himself as a canvas. His
styles began to get noticed around school and before you knew it he
had established a clientele paying $8 for a unique look. Not bad for a
13 year old.

His ambition made him strive to go to the next level and work in a
real barber salon. Coello walked into Clippers Barber Shop with his
mother in order to inquire for a position. When confronted with the
age the barber did not even think twice and rejected him. After
talking to his mother and hearing of all the experience Rocky had at
his young age, the owner asked him to bring a demonstration of his
skills. The next morning Rocky brought kept his word and produced a
creative piece and was hired on the spot. He developed his skill as a
young prodigy for almost a year until the manager had to release him
due to potential fines and sanctions because he was not yet licensed.

Rocky continued to develop his skills by working from home and
attending his steady clientele. At the age of 16 he decided to go to
barber school and make official his dream of becoming an legitimate
master barber. He enrolled in Florida Barber Academy at night while
attending Jr-high-school during the day. Managing both endeavors was
challenging due to a constricting time schedule from Jr-high-school and
rushing straight to barber school that was 30 minutes away. All this
while handling the requirements of the barber school and doing his
JR-high-school homework during breaks.

Since then, Rocky has moved on to teach at various campuses of Beauty
Schools of America and has gotten numerous recognitions for his hair
designing techniques. He has styled professional sports figures,
singers and celebrities. He is currently developing his own personal
dvd video coarse, teaching his unique style of hair design.

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* American Senior High School '04

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2007 - Present
Miami Beach, FL
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the Tonsorial art profession. I have proudly dedicated twelve years of my life to mastering this wonderful trade. It has been very rewarding to me and my family for many years. As a master barber/educator, the most important thing that I have learned about this art is that you can get very good at it but no matter how long you do it you will never learn everything. As a true enthusiast I have studied many aspects of what I do and there are many more to learn. The history behind us is very extensive but not very well known. Why are we not respected as a profession that helped us shape the history of the world? Maybe we fall under the same category as school teachers. For this reason I take what I do very seriously. My commitment to my students and the industry are very important to me. Good work should always be rewarded and not underpaid. It is very difficult for me to see professionals charge twenty dollars or less for a good haircut service in today’s economy. To have a lot of clientele is great but in my opinion, you should not cheat yourself out of what your work is worth. You must take pride in your work and your prizes even in a time of recession because at the end of the day they all need our service. Comply with all state licensures and state regulations at all times. Help our beautiful art continue to grow and evolve even more. Teach what you know and allow yourself to be taught and you will be great…. ROCKDIDIT



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