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About Me

I am not a professional photographer, but have been passionately involved in photography for over 25 years. I do however, take photography seriously in terms of creating the best possible images, but not so serious that its not fun. I do take pretty great pictures! I also use very professional (digital) equipment. If you are interested in adding some fun, creative, great stuff to your portfolio, i'm interested in helping. I like being creative with lighting and props, fantasy / character images, edgy, etc. Fun stuff. I dont usually pay models as I feel I am making (at least) an equal contribution to your portfolio as much as my own. I will also provide you with a disk of every photo we take. You wont pay me because I just love doing this.
I often have available time for work during the week day, so let me know what youre thinking! You are welcome to bring an escort of friend as long as they arent a pain in the ass!



16 Nov 11 17:55
Hi and welcome! Photo Retoucher here available for hire. Add me on Facebook for updates, and a chance to win free photo retouches!
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