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I'm an artist first and a photographer second. Photography is how I capture the image and then I dive into my artistic side and create something very different from what the camera took.

Of the various forms of art I'd say I'm more into the fine art and especially fine art nudes. Rarely does my work actually involve showing nudity if the definition of nudity is seeing nipples and vagina. I'd say maybe 5% of my work involves nudity in that case. My goal and love is the lines and curves that make the female form. The light and shadows are amazing and beautiful.

That all said, if you are interested in fine art we should talk about shooting. This is what I do so know that going in because I'll assume you are comfortable doing whatever it takes to bring an idea to fruition. I don't ask people to go beyond their comfort level. I do expect them to be comfortable with what I want to create.

Check out my website for my newer work and friend or follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the very latest. I post almost daily.

Enjoy life!


I want to thank all of the amazing models and makeup artists for sharing their time, talents, and beauty with me and my cameras. Collaboration, out of the box thinking, and talent is what creates a great portfolio.

And a special thanks goes to my most amazing and understanding wife of 31 years, Linda, for allowing this man in the fall of his life to explore his art to the fullest.


09 Oct 14 20:36
One of the best photographers on iStudio. Amazing work!
09 Oct 14 20:22
Outstanding port! Keep up the great work!
09 Oct 14 16:25
Awesome work!
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