Elspeth Mab Coelophysis Kali
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:115 lbs
Measurements:32-30-33 in
Shoe Size:6
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Very Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Other
Skin Color:Other
Experience:Some Experience
Join:6 Jan 2006

About Me

Styles of modeling (i'm interested):

+ Fairy
(and fantasy themes)
+ Metaller (Gothic Metal, Dark Metal, Doom Metal, Viking Metal, Industrial Metal, etc.)
+ Cyber/Industrial
+ Goth - Gothic
+ Dark
+ Historical (medieval, victorian, etc.)
+ Gothic Loli-ta -GL- (Visual Kei --Visual Rock--)
in the line of Malice Mizer, etc.
(Elegant Gothic Loli-ta EGL, Elegant Gothic Aristhocrat EGA, Lovely Loli-ta, Sweet Loli-ta, Loligoth)

For more info. please e-mail me.

1. + --> FIRST OF ALL I DON'T DO any nude. NO body parts, NO artistic nude, NO partial nude, NO total nude, NO see-through clothes, not any type/kind of nude or nudity.
And I don't do "very evil" pics. I mean, nothing blasphemous, etc.
*I'm NOT that '''evil'''. * /-/+/*/

No swimsuit, no mini skirts, etc.

2. + --> Chaperoned always. Chaperon ALL THE TIME. /-/+/*/

3. + --> This style (this way of dressing) IS NOT A COSTUME TO ME. Not a costume, nor something like that.
It is the way I dress EVERY SINGLE DAY (but of course without the fairy wings).
I decided dressing like this about 4 or 5 years ago, principally influenced by my favourite kind of music: Metal (and most of all sub-genres: Dark Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Folk Metal -Viking, Celtic-, Industrial Metal, etc.).

I like it *very very much* , I hope I won't change it (because it is very important to me) and I think it is beyond one simple "fashion", ***and responds in the first place to my own needs, interests, ideas, etc. ... with my personality in general.***

I always TRY to print, to stamp my own touch, my own style. I mean, try to personalize my '''goth/metal''' dressing by including more personal stuff, AND NOT SEEM LIKE ANOTHER FASHIONABLE DARK/GOTHIC LITTLE DOLL. /-/+/*/

4. + --> I'M NOT AFRAID OF COLOURS, as you can see.
Except maybe yellow or pink (I don't like those colours, but of course it depends on the tones too).
My favourite colours are definitely *green and black*.
(Too sad the pics I have using those colours, until now, are bad quality ones).
I like to combine this two colours A LOT.
I like other colours too: purple, blue, grey, dark red (for example).

In general, I LOVE TO COMBINE BLACK with other colours, in fact *since the firsts days* I started to dress in this way.
All in black is great, but unfortunately it is a fashion this days and sometimes becomes boring.

Anyway, as I've already said, my reasons to dress like this are personal and really I try to be NOT A COPY FROM OTHER GIRLS but print *my own mark* on it. /-/+/*/

5. + --> ABOUT MAKE UP: my make up use to be *very simple*: just eyes, and only a few times the lips. For eyes I use eyeliner and/or eyeshadow (in different colours, according to the clothes), for lips I use lipstick.

In normal days, sometimes I use only a lip-protector, and/or translucid gloss.
I USE MAKE UP ONLY when I have the time and the will to, or just for some of the photos (almost every day I don't have time before I go to the school and I spend there almost all day).
I DEFINITELY DON'T USE HEAVY MAKE-UP, I mean I don't use "cape for this" , "cape for that", "make up for this", "make up for that" (I'm a bit scared about face-allergy).
Only eyes and sometimes lips. And usually nothing.

I WOULD BE WELL-DISPOSED to try/use pale/corpse paint, maybe someday. But I haven't yet, so, if you want me to model with that kind of make up (or some other special make up), I will have to ask for your help.

6. + --> ABOUT TRAVELING: maybe would be more easy to me to travel only across my country (México). But if in case of any other part of the world, with paid expenses, shaperoned, and if it does not interfere with my school periods would be okay. Anyway, MAIL ME FIRST TO ASK me and arrange that, please. /-/+/*/

7. + --> I haven't use fake blood, but I would accept it if the concept is not "too evil", nor exagerated: so, any kind of Metal modeling except Black (when it becomes too evil), Gore, Thrash and similars. /-/+/*/

8. + --> I CERTAINLY DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF AS A "GOTHIC" or "DARK" or "METALLER" girl. Yes, I enjoy *very much* Metal music, Metal is a part of my 'life' that is too much important; music in general, and to read and to write. But Metal is my fav. music genre, and I can not imagine myself living without it.
And yes, I like the way of dressing, many 'gothic' elements and everything, BUT ALL THAT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN that I have (THAT I *MUST* HAVE) a stereotyped way of thinking and of living too. /-/+/*/

Thank you for reading and for your understanding !!!!!
(and sorry for my bad english)

- - - >>Extra. About Education:
+ --> Basic school, high school.
College (University studies):

at the present moment studying Hispanic Literature in the University of Guadalajara.