Shin Kou Sabre - Summertime
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:114 lbs
Measurements:37-25-35 in
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Asian
Skin Color:Olive
Experience:Very Experienced
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:31 Jan 2010
Last:12 Jun 2012

About Me


I am Japanese-Australian. I am creating photo sets and movies for my website. I am interested in Asian and Western Genres. I write my own storyboards and scripts for Photo Shoots and Movies. I have travelled to Japan to produce and act in AV Movies.

I am a model but foremost a business woman. I work with several photographers and videographers. My website will be a montage of the multi-faceted parts of my personality. I do not confine myself to one particular style, although most of my work explores an element of eroticism.

I work out at the Gym regularly and have my own Personal Trainer. I have studied Food Nutrition and Sports Supplements.

I would be willing to do Hardcore Fetish for Overseas Magazine Publication and Movies. I am working on a photo shoot with Japanese Rope Tying – Kinbaku/Shibari. I will only reply to serious experienced photographers and videographers in this Genre.

Model Mayhem: #1545632
Facebook: Shin Kou Sabre
Myspace: Courtesan Girls


My hair currently is black, medium-long length with a long fringe. Hair extensions are out at the moment.


I make public appearances for advertising, conventions, events and promotions. Willing to do appearances and sign personal copies of magazines of avid readers at place of work or business. Further opportunity for the Magazine to get a photo shoot during signing.


You will find me very different from other people as I enjoy taking my clothes off. The fewer clothes I wear the more comfortable I become. If you do not challenge me, I will dream up crazy but elegant ideas to amuse myself. Some projects will take me months to prepare if I am looking for something in particular.

Do not assume that what is shown in my portfolio is all that I have done. Some content is too explicit to show on this website, but not too explicit for me.

I take responsibility for the decisions I make in my life and career and the consequences of those actions. I want to work with photographers who are passionate about their projects and I am willing to work together, and take direction if need be, to achieve the story they are trying to tell.

I use my body along with choice of location, outfit, hair and makeup to create a piece that will make conversation positive or negative. I like to merge themes and concepts from Fashion, Swimwear, Lingerie, Artistic Nude, Glamour, Fine Art Erotic, Fetish and Hardcore. Japanese genres such as Cosplay, Gothic Lolita, Erololi, Visual Kei, Anime, Manga and Hentai are my favourites.

I see myself as constantly evolving and learning about parts of myself that I’m afraid of. If I’m afraid of something I try to face that and keep doing it until I can overcome it. Fear stops you from becoming Great.

I look for mutual respect and a trust relationship between photographer, videographer or other models.

I will always be accompanied by my partner who I have known for 19 years. He has contributed a great deal to my career creatively and professionally. He is a part of my business and present in a professional capacity. I can assure you that he is not there for my protection, but rather for yours. LOL :)

I will shoot for Men’s Magazines with Photographers that have published work, have an exceptional portfolio to present, or work that really interests me.

SOLO Shoots

I expect all Female and Male Models to provide a Health Certificate for any work Category 2 and above. This is for both Photo Shoots and Movies. I will provide the same.


I have my own:

Clip-in Hair Extensions
Bikinis, Lingerie and High Quality Cosplay Outfits.
Contact Lenses
Platform Heels, Boots and Sneakers.
Knives, Swords and Katanas (License to own and travel).
Toys and Bondage Gear.


Yes I will wear Wigs.
Yes I will wear SFX contact lenses eg. Cosplay Coloured Lenses, Black Scleras.
Yes I will have my body painted, use temporary tattoos, SFX makeup, latex prosthetics.


I have no tattoos
I have ears pierced (two in each ear), and one navel piercing.


I will do semi-nude and full nude photos in studio and on location in public places with med-high traffic areas. I will do early morning, day and evening photo shoots.

Yes I will work in unique environments:
Beach, Mud, Snow, Under Water, Waterfalls, Bridges, Car Wash, Hotel, Nightclubs

Yes I will work with vehicles:
Unique and custom cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, heavy machinery

If you require something different from what I have described please contact me and we can discuss it.


Please provide the following:

Name / Company

Phone / Email / Website

Approximate Time of the Photo Shoot: Which Date / Month

Project Idea / Description: Swimwear, Lingerie, Artistic Nude, Glamour, Fine Art Erotic, Fetish or Hardcore Photo Shoot or Movie

Compensation Offered: Hourly or Flat Day Rate or for Men’s Magazine or TF*

Where the Photos will be Used: Personal Portfolio/Name of Publication

Details of Your Experience: Links to Portfolio and/or Published Works.



2011 22nd - 23rd Oct - Armageddon 2011 Melbourne - Cyber Angel2011 18th Oct - Melbourne - MX Newspaper Photo Shoot with Nicole Cleary Picture Editor MX Newspaper2011 24th Sep - Melbourne - Kinbaku Performance with Master _S_ - Fetish Expo Heaven & Hell After Party2011 24th Sep - Melbourne - Bella Rubber Latex Fashion Show and Photo Shoot2011 10th Sep - Melbourne - "Worn Wild" Fashion Show - Cyber Angel - covered by the Herald Sun: Worn Wild2011 26th Aug - 28th Aug Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) 2011 - Cyber Angel2011 29th July - Sydney - "Another Bloody Wedding" Mainstream Feature Film2011 16th Mar - 10th May - Osaka/Tokyo, Japan - Photo Shoots and Movies2010 25th Nov - 28th Nov Sexpo Melbourne 2010 28th Oct - 02nd Nov Singapore/Malaysia Photo Shoots 2010 14th Oct -17th Oct Sexpo Sydney Radio Appearance 104.5 Kyle and Jackie O with guest celebrity Warwick Capper - Opening of Sexpo Sydney - Thursday 14th October @ 7.00am ------- International Photographers:Watanabe Yasuji (Tokyo, Japan)渡邊安治 (東京 日本)was the chief editor of the Japanese magazine SM Sniper which was first launched thirty years ago. Watanabe Yasuji's photographic work has been featured in many solo exhibitions, magazines and his most recent book “Akai Hana” featuring Yukimura Haruki.Yasuji's comment about Shin Kou:"日本語が通じないのにポーズや意図するところがシンコウちゃんはわかっているようで、さすがプロだなと思いました""Even though she doesn't understand Japanese, Shin Kou chan seems to know how to pose and understood my intention, I thought she was truly professional."Saitoh Yoshiki (Tokyo, Japan)斉藤芳樹 (東京 日本)worked for advertising agencies as a commercial photographer. Saitoh Yoshiki held an exhibition titled “Akechi” and published a book in the same title featuring the shibari work of the late Akechi Denki, the grandmaster of shibari.Kinbaku Kinbakushi/Nawashi (Kinbaku/Shibari Master):Yukimura Haruki (Tokyo, Japan)雪村春樹 (東京 日本)is one of the greatest Japanese kinbakushi (Kinbaku Masters). He produces many video programs and is the author of numerous beautiful books. Yukimura Haruki appeared in the documentary “Bakushi” directed by Hiroki Ryuichi.Osada Steve (Tokyo, Japan)長田スティーブ (東京 日本)is another nawashi whose work has been published in magazines such as Wired, Vogue, SM Sniper and many other magazines. Steve started training under Yukimura Haruki to study newaza techniques.International Artists:Kim Dunstan (Osaka, Japan) #460529original etchings and woodblock prints, frequently exhibits his work locally and internationally, with an interest in Japanese "shunga".International Photographers:Bob - Bobman Studios (Singapore) #108267 Raymond - Bean Sprout Pics (Singapore) #782102 (model mayhem)Jonathan - 9Eleven Studio (Singapore) #1227291 (model mayhem)Shawn - Non MM Member (Malaysia) Avs Kumar (Dubai UAE) #1407271 (model mayhem)Australian Photographers: Alf Caruana #390758 Andrew Oatham #807161 (model mayhem)Giovanni Lovisetto #1242699 (model mayhem)Chris Garbacz - CGI Studios #886684 (model mayhem)Jason Mather #575819 Chris Parker #1062703 (model mayhem)Alan C Photography #1161373 David Gilliver #164022 (model mayhem)Australian Kinbaku/Shibari Rigger: Nawa BMaster _S_ Make Up Artists: Lisa Oatham #807161 Sara Stone #1505370 Amna Irshad #1545652 -------MEDIA2011 Armageddon Expo Melbourne - Cyber AngelVideo Interview with Sci Fi Channel - Foxtel and AustarVideo Interview with Nerdzilla - ABC LocalVideo Interview with Level 3Video Interview with Save PointPUBLICATIONS:2011MX Newspaper Issue Friday 21st October 2011 (Front Cover) 2010Hustler Australia Issue 05th November 2010 (Front Cover, Feature) (9 pages) Picture 100% Home Girl Issue #62 24th March 2010 (6 pages) Picture Magazine Issue #1119 17th February 2010 (1 page) People Magazine Issue #07 15th February 2010 (2 pages)PREVIOUS3 Movies for Australian Rosie, photos in Issue 12 and 145.