About Me

I was into photography for over 20 years before I made the move into model photography. I've done that exclusively since January of 2012 and have settled into it. I've greatly expanded my portfolio and am busy enough to have lots of new images to edit and upload. Please check it out and comment!

I have some themes in mind that I will be looking to cast for down the road a bit.

At some point I want to move into more conceptual work. I have done a few shots and enjoy working with others in creating unique images.

MODELS: I don't mind someone accompanying you, however if we set up a shoot please inform me that someone will be accompanying you. As long as he or she doesn't affect your work or the shoot it's okay...again, as long as I know ahead of time.

Thank you so much for reading.




Models Whom I Worked With

Alexandria Adair
Adrina Lynn
Amber Kourtney
Billy the Pierced One
Brynn Cook
Carlotta Champagne
Charlie Kristen
Danielle Trixie
Henna N
Jackie Stevens
Jessi June
Krystal Ann
Lacey Allen
Lahna Stone
Marketa P

MUA's I've work with

Diane Donato-Tatar


08 Mar 14 12:55
Awesome Work!
06 Mar 14 15:31
Absolutely marvelous portfolio... All the best!
06 Mar 14 12:56
Stunning port!
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