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About Me

First, a clarification: my name is comprised of initials (U & D, if you missed it on the way in).

I am a veteran and a full time student as well as freelance photographer.

I am a trained and field-experienced photojournalist who has shot under many extremes, and I bring this experience with me.

I shoot primarily on the darker side of life; that is to say that I lean toward the gritty rather than the glitzy, as seen in my portfolio.

Although I shoot color, I see everything in black and white. Don't be surprised if I shoot with this in mind.

I know all the cardinal rules, and routinely disregard them for what my eye tells me.

Fun Fact: I usually bring a model mentor on shoots as both an all-around assistant and as an escort to the model. This has been proven to both simultaneously improve the model's experience by way of non-stop pampering by a pro mentor, and negating the need for any outside influences during a closed session. Of course you can have an escort...and a MUA, hair stylist, wardrobe coordinator and assistant, all wrapped into one amazing person. Just ask.

...Find the light*- UD

UPDATE: On June 13th, I experienced a stroke that tore through my left occipital lobe and slightly into my temporal lobe. This could have killed me, should have paralyzed me, and might have devastated me. Instead, the stroke left me blind in my right eye save for a small window just in the center of my focus. It looks not dissimilar to a viewfinder. Coincidence?