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About Me

I'm Matt. I'm 31, I'm married, and I love taking photos. I've been practicing photography for about two years now, but I'm always learning something new. I learn by doing, watching others, and absorbing any worthwhile book or publication I can get my hands on. I've assisted several models with portfolio development, staged cosplay shoots, worked with internationally-renowned hairstylists, beauty shows, and shot a semi-finalist entry for the 2012 NAHA competition. I'd like to develop a diverse portfolio covering as many genres as possible.

I am always, always, always up for collaboration, whether it's with a model or another photographer. Shooting with another artist is excellent skill development, and the ideas bounced back and forth produce a better result on both ends. If you're a photographer of any skill level and you'd like to shoot together sometime, drop me a line.

If you're a model of any skill level, are fairly easy-going, and have something to contribute to the creative process, I would LOVE to shoot with you. Things I consider very important when setting up a portfolio shoot are good communication, consistency, and collaboration. You should have some sort of idea what you're looking for from the shoot - we can come up with ideas together, but it's not my responsibility to do that FOR you. And please: if you just say "edgy", you're just giving me a buzzword that doesn't actually mean anything, and will look a bit silly.

The vast majority of my shoots are TFP/TFCD. I don't pay OR ask for payment when we're both just adding to our portfolios. I have studio space available near me, or I can sometimes bring a portable studio kit along if there's sufficient space to set it up. I shoot with continuous or natural lighting.