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About Me

I wasn't that into photography until a couple of years ago, when going through an uncle's house I found an old camera, which had undeveloped film in it. I developed the photos and was kind of taken aback by the photos. I didn't know how old they were by they all were so beautiful with strange perspectives, angles, and interesting subjects that it made me want to start photography.

I've been taking photos of mostly my friends and friends of friends since then, and try to make every photo I take say something. I like poses that imitate other forms or a feeling, against clashing backgrounds, or just something that is profoundly odd. I also love to get photos of people in groups, particularly when they stand out from the group, or take the meaning of the group to the extreme. In my state the number one source of these types of photos are football fans. I have a long way to go to make the photos look like how I imagine them, however. My goal is to be able to have a gallery showing in Birmingham at some point, but I'd be happy with just a cool portfolio.