About Me

****I will be overseas serving my country until october of 2010. Please, dont let that discourage you from contacting me. i will need models because i want to hit the ground running when i get back****

I am looking for models willing to do TFP/CD for the time being until i can get back to making money. I have my own small studio out of my home and my own small wardrobe too. I shoot alot of lingerie, implied and nudes, but love to shoot fun, cute and sexy casual shots too. i have also done the occasional eroctice nudes too. shoot me an email so we can set something up

My name is Joe Scott. I am 30yrs old, married and have 4 boys. I enjoy photography and have somewhat of a creative mind. I have had some great experiences and i have worked with some great models. I am always looking for more time behind the camera. i enjoy helping models build there portfolio as well as increasing the look of mine. I have an online portfolio, which i am in the process of changing to a new site so please be patient. I have currently been working with a promotional company, arizona promotions. I have shot a couple events for them. I have also worked with companies, Vegas Fuel and C2Clothing, Lingerie Nights, Shopsublime.com. you can see my work at my website.
you can look me up on yahoo messenger under jfscott103

****please note**** Treat me with respect and i will treat you with respect. i am very easy to work with and love to have fun, so if you have an attitude please check it at the door.

Also comments and ideas are always welcome from both models and photographers. Every photographer has his/her own style. if you are looking for a specific shot then tell me and we will make it happen.

If you are a model but also an amatuer photographer please leave your photographer mind at home, there is my style and then there is your style, thats not to say i am not open to new idea.

photographers: i always welcome comments and advice from you. I am always willing to learn new techniques to get me and the model that GREAT shot!

I am sorry if this might not float well with some but i have had issues in the past where all this has happened to me. I hope to work with all of you soon.

All Models on my top friends list i have either worked with at one point or still working with them.

I am currently looking to update and improve my Lingerie and Swimwear portfolios. I am currently work with a company that their sole look is Lingerie, so i would like to get some more exposure shooting this style. I am looking for maxim style shots.
For now, I have a few lingerie pieces in certain sizes so i would perfer models to have their own Lingerie and it would also be perfered if you can do your own hair and make up but given some notice i could find a MUA. like i said i have a few lingerie pieces with certain sizes so if you dont have Lingerie i am sure we can work something out where we can get something in your size.
If you are interested let me know comfort levels.
I am fun and easy to work with. i like to laugh and make jokes while keeping the shoot professional. I have several references too. I look forward to working with you all.


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Web published work at www.shopsublime.com
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