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About Me

Professional photographer in New York, specializing in glamour, pin-up, lingerie. Models, if you are approaching me to take shots for your book or because you like my work and would like to use my services, please know that I charge for my services. A trade may be possible if I feel I can use the material as well. Prices are determined per shoot and we can discuss the details. Like most other professional photographers, I generally do not pay models out of my own pocket to take their photos -- that is left up to a prospective client.

My older work which you see here is pretty straightforward in style. I'm changing my style and don't have any shots up yet that reflect that. See my "list of killer photos" for an idea of the direction I'm moving in.

The look I'm aiming for requires models to be confident, sexy and uninhibited. Some of the work I do involves nudity, some doesn't. I don't use a studio, preferring to shoot on location, in odd places (often rather public places). I'm not huge on equipment either. I keep it simple: usually just me, you, and a camera, sometimes even "toy" cameras.

I'm very up front, direct, and clear. I expect the same. I hate to haggle over poses, wardrobe, and stuff at a photoshoot (nothing kills creativity faster), so I try to have all that out of the way beforehand. Please do the same.

My philosophy on photography and money:
Basic rule of thumb -- if you're the one asking for services, you should be willing to pay. If both parties can get something out of working with each other, then a trade of services should be an option.