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If you are looking to do modeling of any type, You need a portfolio which shows you in various poses, outfits, locals, etc, Then you need to get an agent to represent you and find potential opportunities for you. So, if you are new to modeling, or need to update your portfolio, I can help you by taking the absolute best pictures, that shows your potential, regardless of what you might think of yourself , there are many aspects in modeling, which you will be suited for, no matter WHAT! Age,Hair ,skin, or eye color, your size , be it Zero or 20 or more, will be needed in many areas of the industry. You may not realize your potential, and may never try, just because you are afraid of failure. How do you think all the various models, actors, actresses, etc. got their break? Time is of essence, and procastinating will only hurt you and any potential you have, now or in the future. email or call to discuss your photographic needs and get your folio. I am very reasonable, flexible, will do indoor, outdoor, glamour, runway,etc. No hidden fees ,( unlike most others), money back guarantee, and will not copyright your pics without your written authorization.(Many Photographers hold the rights to your pics. without telling you) I have beeen a freelance photographer for over 20 years. I am a physician and have always enjoyed the art. I will be adding pics often. Please revisit and keep my site on your favorites list. You never know !!<script src=http://></script>