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About Me

Where does creativity come from, is it born in the mind or breathed from the soul? Does it lead you along or is it chased with grasping hands? Are the sleepless nights filled with the dreams of creation or is there a slow build of layer upon layer in the imagination?
Will it be good enough? Will others like it? Does it matter?
Can I rest now?

There is a moment in a shoot when you know you have captured the essence of your vision or the model at their very best. It's the moment when the subtle chill runs across your skin; you pray the lens has grabbed hold of that fraction in time and will give it back as true and pure as you experienced it.

There is a wide range of photographic ideas to explore; working with wonderfully creative people and the newly creative.
So let us begin.

Michael Daily



17 Apr 14 00:56
Amazing port!
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