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"""We encourage you contact us directly if you are in Thailand to get help with your portfolio."""

Dennie Cody
A man whose passion has been his profession for over 40 years, Dennie Cody is a seasoned experienced photographer today. From discovering international supermodels to traveling the world on commissioned work-from editorial & commercial jobs to professional stock photography-Dennie’s work transcends eras, genres and geographical boundaries.

Dennie has spearheaded many international photography projects and exhibitions ("Ten Thousand Eyes", "Picture South Florida" and others) that received worldwide acclaim. He has served as Chapter President and on the National Board of Directors in the professional photographers institution ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers). In 1983, Dennie discovered Christy Turlington, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennie_Cody) who is known as one of "The Supermodels" and was chosen by the Museum of Art in New York to be the face for all their fashion mannequins.

Duangkamon "DK" Khattiya
Her Thai origins, international experiences, a love of nature & art and an enthusiasm for teaching-these are some of the traits that define the talent of DK that are reflected in her photographic work.

As Dennie's partner in life and work, DK has worked on many projects over the years and has achieved accolades for her way of seeing the world. . DK is also a general member of ASMP, which featured one of her photographs in their national bulletin in December of 2010. Her positive and optimistic personality shines through her art.

Together they bring the benefit of experience and understanding to the production of images for clients who look for dependable results with quality. Their backgrounds, one from the West and one from the East, bring different sensibilities to the resolution of the visual solution for each job. Their work ethic is based on the principles of efficiency and economy while they believe in doing what gives the best results for their clients.

They specialize in stock photography while working for corporate, editorial and advertising clients. They have to their credit seven photographic books on subjects ranging from "Inner Mongolia" to the "Those Sexy '70s" and the "Devatas, the Guardian Angels of Angkor Wat". These days besides their professional assignments, they are busy counseling photographers through their newest business venture, Portfolio Therapy, helping other photographers improve their photographic skills.

See their 1 on 1 private photography sessions and their upcoming workshop at www.portfolio-therapy.com.

You can also see their portfolio at www.codyphoto.com