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I am an experienced and passionate amateur photographer with over 20 years of shooting pictures of beautiful things and people, and atmospheric scenes.

I now work out of London. Please note that I do not permit chaperones or third parties at the shoot. I also do not give out my address to models I have not worked with before. I have very sound reasons for this, some of which are based on previous very bad experiences including major theft by a "model" and her . If you insist on a chaperone please do not accept work from me. if you respond to me to take up an assignment or approach me for an assignment please do add the word "priory dog" somewhere in your message so I will know that you have read these notes? Thanks

The areas I am interested in shooting at the moment is Glamour (Lingerie, topless, semi-nude and nude), Artistic Nude, Erotic nude and street fashion.

I do not do time for print but am happy also to give the model a set of the better pictures if she asks and without her having to pay me.

I pay good fees for the levels I shoot but do not accept every assignment. I am discriminating and discerning as to whom and what I shoot , in the same way that I believe the model is similarly entitled to be discerning.

I am also interested in taking pictures of elderly people especially those whose faces show their wisdom and the life that they have lived in wrinkles and scars, but whos eyes still blaze with life and contentment.

As a general principle I prefer models I shoot to be natural - and as such I feel that enhancements, piercings and tatoos takdes way something from inherent natural beauty - however this is not an iron clad rule and I have and will make exceptions.

I have joined ModelMayhem to see and learn from other phoographers and to meet models who are serious about their role and their work.

It has been my practice in the past to work with a model or two as regular muses and as such have tended to work consistently and frequently with suitable models.



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