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About Me

About me
I have been involved in photography for last twenty years, of which last fifteen professionally. I specialise in studio/fashion photography and fine art photography. I worked with/for most recognised fashion and mainstream magazines world wide.

I had my works exhibited internationally in museums and art galleries and won numerous prizes in photographic contests. Typically I spend my days working with several top model agencies and designers. In my spare time I am involved with conceptual artists and sculptors working on production of plays, ballet and preparing for my next gallery exhibitions.

I also teach fine art and studio photography as well as digital and HDR photography and occasionally I lecture at universities.

Why Istudio?
Well, three reasons really...

1. To network with experienced models; I have too much work to fuss around with agencies (they are too slow sometimes) I want to be able to just email my new friends and know whom I'm working with before my plane lands (same goes for stylists and muas)

2. In my spare time I am working on a number of art projects exhibited nationally e.g. galleries and sometimes internationally (on tour kinda thing). I want to meet people who are willing to participate (tfp etc); often those are unpaid works with proceeds (if any) going to charity but gives amazing exposure to everyone involved and it is very challenging and fun.

3. Meet other people who are passionate about photography, modeling and stuff like that, just making friends really

... sooo, drop me a note, if for nothing then just to say "hi" 0

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