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emPresident Barack Obama/em

emThe real Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson)/em

emFergie & family/em

emRob Schneider/em

Chris "Kid" Reid (Kid 'n Play) and Jonathan Levitt of VH1's Celebra Cadabra

0Guess who?

0Avril Levine and friends.

0Carol Channing (Hello Dolly) & Julie Newmar (the original "Catwoman")

0emFrank Lero (My Chemical Romance) and David Minkin (MTV's Room 401)/em

0emKeith Emerson (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)/em

0emAkosua Busia ("Nettie" from The Color Purple), David Minkin (MTV's Room 401), John Singleton (Director-Boyz N da Hood, 2 Fast 2 Furious)

[i]Rosario Dawson and moi/em

emAmerican Idol - Taylor Hicks/em

emFlavor Flav and Deelishus/em

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Photography is all about the capture and control of lighting. It is much more than clicking the shutter at pretty women. It is an art and science. Beautiful images don't usually just happen, they are created.

I am a professional Los Angeles based glamour photographer. (I say professional because photography is what I do for a living). I am NOT a GWC (Guy With Camera).

I specialize in Maxim, FHM, Smooth type shoots. I am also a creative photo-artist, skilled in digital manipulation and PhotoShop artistry.

As a professional photographer, I can assure you of "visually stimulating images". My rates are very reasonable and I will very selectively take on TFP/CD projects for select models (if mutually beneficial) to help them build their portfolios.

Regarding TFP/CD's, as stated above, I am willing to do trades IF mutually beneficial. Before seeking or accepting a TFCD with me, please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFCD so there is no misunderstanding as to what a TFCD with me means. Please understand that when I do a trade, it cost me time and money. I pay the rent of the studio/location. You pay for the make-up artist (unless we're working on a special project, like my "Treasure Chest" or "Fox 'n Socks" series). If needed, I pay for the assistant and/or stylist. I don't mind doing so if I am going to get images I need. So please understand that it is a trade.

Regarding Managers, boyfriends, escorts, chaparone's, etc: If this is a paid shoot (you paying me), bring whoever you like. If it is a TFP/CD, NO ONE BUT CREW IS ALLOWED ON THE SET.... Period. Please understand that when I invest money in a project, I need to be in control of the set. The model and I need to establish a rapport that leads to an open and creative session. It has been my experience that when friends, associates, sisters, managers, lovers, or anyone else who is not a part of the working crew is there, the flow is constantly interrupted, the model is distracted, and time (and money) is wasted. The creativity is quashed.

If you have concerns about your safety with me, please consult any of the models in my port that have links. Also, consult the models with links on my OMP page.

I do not give out unedited images. Only edited, watermarked retouched images are given for TFCD. The amount is based upon the shoot, usually 2 images per look (wardrobe change) of your choice plus any images I edit for my port. If you value quantity above quality, I'm the wrong photographer for you. My income is directly based upon the quality of my work as viewed by the public. Therefore, I only allow quality images to be seen by the public.

I am a professional. Photography is the only thing I do to earn my living. My reputation is important to me.

MM Models I've worked with:
0 http://www.modelmayhem.com/818151
0Maria Love #138786
0 http://modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=138794
0Marce Hollie #497957
0Kimberly Fisher #674
0Elyse Saucedo #98421
0Tyshianna #368510
0EllE Monroe #108822
0QueenBEE #430319
0J-U-L-Z #375770
0Shauntae Renee
0_Axxx #370966
0Sexy Nesha #535337

...a heck of a lot more.. (if I missed including you, I'm not done yet).


Shot photo spread of Jason Alexander (Seinfield) for Magic Magazine.

Shot Criss Angel (Mindfreak) for Variety.

Member of PPLAC (Professional Photographers of Los Angeles County).

Member of PPC (Professional Photographers of California).

Official photographer of the Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle) in Hollywood. (http://www.magiccastle.com).


16 Aug 11 07:01
Love U Port...Perfect, if you come to jakarta maybe we can work together....:)
13 Jul 10 03:26
outsstanding work! awesome portfolio!
21 Jul 09 20:58
Thanks for a wonderful shoot today! I had fun! Hope to shoot agin with you soon! ~Alane
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