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About Me

I am a photographer in Toronto with extensive experience in photography, retouching and photo based art. I enjoy photographing Fashion/Beauty, Stock/Commercial, and Wildlife shoots.

Have done work for individual models and fashion designers in Toronto

I have a studio available, and am also interested in doing some TF*.

I also have photoshop skills and imagination. Always looking for new opportunities and models to photograph. Please message me if interested.


This is where my works have been published, I have been credited, or have received compensation for photography, or my photo based graphics design:
Model - Natalia Jayde, ON , Canada MM#703477
Model - Celeste McCabe, ON, Canada MM#1542894
Model - Regan B - Toronto
Model - Sue B - Toronto
Model - Saichyea, ON, Canada MM#590445
Model - Ayat Giber - Calgary, Canada
Model - Courtney Hunter - Moose Jaw, Canada
Model - Selma Benkirane - Montreal, Canada
Model - LeahB, Toronto MM#1076811
Model - Claire B - Toronto
Model - Roarda Dalipaj MM#1604125
Model - Fallon Rober MM#2132557
Model - Kerra R, Toronto MM#2011652
Model - Galina V, ON, Canada MM#2009322
Model - Aimee Mack, ON, Canada MM#1424026
Model - Kadeem Liburd, ON, Canada
Model - Kay Sew, ON, Canada MM#1830309
Model - Lerochka, ON, Canada MM#2124283
Model - Lydia Vanderkooy, ON, Canada
Model - Melanie L, ON, Canada
Model - Melissa Chatz, ON, Canada
Model - Melissa Mather, ON, Canada #851545
Model - Julia Vanderkooy, ON, Canada
Model - Ashley McIlvena, ON, Canada
Model - Vanessa McIlvena, ON, Canada
Model - Sanaa Khan, ON, Canada
Model - Nataliya Tymoshchuk, ON, Canada
Model - Rochelle C, BC, Canada
Model - Tee Dice, ON, Canada MM#1646905
Model - Shareen Y, ON, Canada
Model - Kristine Parrish, ON, Canada
Model - Marina Ofelia, ON, Canada
Model/MUA - Alina Marcarian, ON, Canada
MUA - Inspired Touch MM#2145151 ON, Canada
MUA - Revy Artista MM#1974059 ON, Canada
MUA - Flawless Touch MM#2099952 ON, Canada
MUA - Liza Zee, MM#2000986 ON, Canada
MUA - Dana Mattar, ON. Canada
MUA - Kellie Leigh, MM#1656785 ON, Canada
MUA - Bella Whiteman, ON, Canada
Designer - Anastasia Lomonova, ON, Canada
Basma Fashion Styling, ON, Canada
Fashion Whore, Toronto, ON
Simply Beautiful Designs, ON, Canada, ON, Canada
Joy Couture Fashions MM#848170 ON, Canada
Valt Girls Models, ON, Canada
Circus Entertainment, ON, Canada
Acor Studio, Toronto, ON, Canada
Spellbound Hair, ON, Canada
The Fashion District,ON, Canada
Native Canadian Centre of Ontario, ON, Canada
Govt of Ontario - Dept of Fish and Wildlife, ON, Canada
IMMT Canada, ON, Canada
WCS Web, BC, Canada
Trios Colleges, ON, Canada
New Horizons College, OR, USA
Brownson College, CA, USA
Spatech Institute, ME, USA
Professional Culinary Institute, CA, USA
Eton College, BC, Canada
Canscribe College, BC, Canada
Fairmont Bungalows, BC, Canada
College of Legal Arts, OR, USA, CA, USA
5 Star Career Schools, BC, Canada
Saanich SD 63, BC, Canada - International,(Stock Image Sales)


21 Nov 11 12:15
you have nice works!
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