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PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME OR SENDING A FRIEND REQUEST (I am not hiring models so NO SOLICITATIONS PLEASE. I'm a professional photographer, and I get PAID well to use my camera so trade work is ME offering my services for free. It's a pretty sweet deal :) AND a real photographers retouch :) I may work with some digital artists or retouchers but please do not solicit me. COLLABORATION ONLY with the exception of the occasional stylist. Thanks everybody!)

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The only constant in life is change - the only exception being a well preserved photograph, but I'm a photographer because i like pushing buttons and looking at shiny things. A little about my name: My name is actually ki||bad photography, not really born good but I like the contrast and play on words. I chose ki||bad to express my feelings towards the disgusting, ignorant, and naturally ungifted men who call themselves photographers. You know who you are. Just because you have a Nikon doesn't mean you are a photographer and you are a sick sick puppy… and your pictures suck :)

I have an amazing studio in a playhouse theater located in Union Square, San Francisco. Essentially, I've shot everything from Bill Clinton to Yosemite (yes, with a camera, not a gun silly), and I'm expanding my repertoir to explore and appreciate the human form.

I'm here to further my career as a photographer and photojournalist and make the shift into editorial/print. I want to push my boundaries, test my abilities, and learn from my mistakes. If you have a REAL goal or REAL aporeciation of photography as an art (not just looking for pretty pictures of yourself because guys buy you drinks and say "YOU COULD BE A PART… TIME… MODEL") I'd love to hear from you.

Interested in:
-Alt Fashion
-Tattoos/piercings/big f'n hair/no f'n hair/long beards/brandings
-Fetish as Fashion (no ropes, paddles, gags, etc. super cliche. Jello is much more fun)
-Performing Arts - ie. Capo-era, ballet, & chainsaw juggling :)
(Sorry but I cannot display erotic work because Disney will sue my ass and Oprah will yell at

Current Concepts:
-Body Mods
-Classic B&W Calvin Klein Lingerie & Jeans - black lace, tidy whities, tshirt, jeans, etc.
-Image Overlay - ie. model looking at her/himself in the mirror with different poses or looks. I have the ABSOLUTE PERFECT infinite mirror hallway for this.
-Car Thief/Pickpocketer
-Killer Chihuahua
-Carwash in the Rain

If you're interested in one of these concepts or have a similar one let me know. I'd love to hear your ideas. Thanks everyone and have an awesome shoot!

- JT




10 Jun 11 03:39
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23 Apr 11 16:57
JOrdan! Hope all is well! I'm not on Istudio too much!
29 Jan 11 04:28
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15 Jan 11 20:14
Outstanding images, I hope u have a great 2011!!
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