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About Me

A professional photographer no, but a professional attitude and work ethic I adhere to...

I am a photographer with drive and vision who is wanting to expand upon my experiences so far and build up my portfolio with a diversity of concepts and shoots...

I look forward to the challenge of working with a variety of people and welcome any ideas you may have for a shoot that we could work collaboratively and creatively together on...

My shoots have produced images that have a raw, dark and edgy look to them, while I like this I don't want to limit myself to just one particular theme or style...

I have done some private shoots to date and also completed some work for eratoerotica.com...

I am not able to offer payment for a models time and energy but I will provide edited images that can be used for personal use, for print or for upload to a site...

I can be contacted at RawImageCapture@gmail.com


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