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About Me

Actually, my name is Ray L'Dera and I'm 72 years old. Istudio's birthdate selections don't go back far enough -- I just wanted to see how many people are old enough to remember the L'il Abner comic strip.

I'm also on Model Mayhem (MM#901436) and maintain a website ( where you can visit my model info pages to find a list of FAQs that will answer most of your questions and concerns and describe a typical first shoot with me.

I work primarily in nature and urban photography (about 50%)Portraiture & still life (about 25%) and the balance fine art studies including nude, implied nude and pin-up. I have no dominant style and few limitations other that I don't do outright porn or any sort of extreme fetish. I absolutely love the 1940s style pinups, sassy, impertinent and fun. If we're not having fun with photography and modeling, we should be doing something else.

My work with models is almost entirely TF* with a share of sales for those who work with me on an ongoing basis. I like to work with models that are just beginning to get their feet wet and can be very understanding with those who want to test the waters with some degree of nudity but are not yet sure how deeply they want to venture into those waters. I personally prefer to work with models who are capable of working nude, even though I don't require nudity in all my shoots. It's been my experience that models who can work nude tend to be more in touch with their bodies and therefore more effective at what they do.

I like to have fun at shoots but I also believe very strongly in professional conduct at shoots. My models always have the right to refuse any pose and to refuse to release any image that they find offends their personal standards. I suggest and the model decides.

Let me leave you with one thought: "Pay attention to the old farts --- They'll always show you which way the wind is blowing."

And smile.