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About Me

Hi, thanks for  checking my port :o)
I hope you like my style. I like to produce photos of real people that connect with the viewer.
As such my way of working is to keep a shoot fun, relaxed and with creative input from myself and my model.
I hope that I am enjoyable to work with, I strive to achieve this.
I pride myself on my professionalism, integrity, honesty and respect, especially towards my models.
I believe all these things come together and show in my work as many of my photos are of people with no modeling experience what so ever !  I seem to have the knack of relating to people and getting the best out of them. :o)
Nearly all my models want to do another shoot with me, and many have !
So this is what’s unique about me, you get to work with me ! There is only one of me, nobody else can give you the friendly shoot, the great photos in my style, the personal qualities I have.
I believe that a great photo is created the moment the shutter button is pressed, not in Photoshop or Portrait Professional on the computer later ! To me a photo must have a feel of reality no matter what the theme or style.
Yes these applications have their place, but I mainly like to keep editing to a minimum.
So if you are a model, stylist MUA or whatever, please get in touch if you like the thought of us working together, after all there is nobody else like me !!! ;o)