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About Me

Since several people have asked.... Yes! My avatar pic is a self portrait of me.

I willing to do some free work to update my port. TFP would depend on the situation and how it could benefit both of us.

Paid shoots are always a possibility. I guaranty my prices are lower than most and will be regardless of how my port grows. I love photography and know what it's like as a model.

I started modeling at 21. I spent almost as much time learning from the photographers that I worked with, as I did spend modeling. Anyone who has modeled in Cleveland and knows George Remmington well, should know why he has given me the inspiration to jump back into photography. Even if its to help fellow models, and for my own enjoyment.

I am not here to make a ton of money. When it occurs it will be because of my reputation and photography style. It has been my experience that when you do something you love just to make money, the enjoyment leaves you and a job is all you have left.


If you have a cool idea for the winter months, I open to new ideas. I will gladly set up TF if it sounds fun, hot, and/or unique.



02 Aug 14 23:10
Lovely work!
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