About Me

I began loving and studying fine art and high fashion at a very young age 13, I became a regular reader of GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Taxi,etc...,and admirer of Ritts, Newton, Avedon, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, Leibovitz, Gorman, Webber, Scavullo, as well as La Chapelle and Pierre et Gille, etc.....I believe there is interest in every image that can convey a feeling or emotion, given the right model, a photograph can make you do many things, it can make you think, laugh, smile, cry, want, need, and of course it can make you wanna be the "model" or even better "it can sell you something" you didnt know you wanted or needed! My main interest is male photography, although I also photograph females. It is NOT a requirement to shoot nudes to work with me. I do fashion, fitness and nudes. I am also looking to do more underwear/swimwear, fashion and fitness photography. I believe in the experimental, and think everyone should be photographed at least once in their life. I also think the ideal model is prompt,polite, comfortable with no attitude, and open to new ideas, no experience necessary. Any aspiring models are welcome to contact me, and remember modeling can also be a wonderful "springboard" to many other great opportunities! *** also , no matter if you work with me or not, I encourage you to update your port with someone and add a "fresh look" meaning a new style, a different "look", or pictures you have not done yet?, ie "formal" or swimwear/underwear" "nudes" or whatever it means to you..sometimes going out of your "comfort zone" may actually surprise you!.....,ALSO I do not give "raw" images for "outside" use, all images are copyrighted by "original" photographer... If you've always wanted to be photographed, don't wait any longer. Remember everyone's idea of "beauty" or "interest" is different, you are welcome to contact me to see if I can photograph you, you do not have to have a profile on MM to contact me, so please tell any friends you think might be interested in being photographed. Perhaps I can bring a new "look" or perspective to your portfolio...............and for those that have expressed interest and have complimented me on my style of photography, I wish to THANK YOU for your kindness it is greatly appreciated!, I try to to do my best to work with what I have...... You should also be photographed by several photographers to show your range because each photographer has a different vision they wish to express! I also do "Testing" when its mutually beneficial. I am also available for Private Hire photo sessions and Head Shots, I also do "your location" sometimes etc.... I also believe the less you have to work with, the more creative you can become. I prefer simple shoots with outdoor lighting. and REMEMBER additional "advice and comments" can be found in the books "male modeling for amateurs" and "female modeling for amateurs" both by billy joe davis...... I am hoping to meet new people that would like to be photographed and or provide a "fresh" look to help their portfolio "gain more interest" Thank You....,
Please contact william@davisicon.com or williamdecade1@yahoo.com

Videos, information and my newest photographic work can be seen at davisicon.com


A little advice to a few....for those that have been on here a short time or "a long time" and are upset you haven't been "hired" or for those expecting to be "paid" without having a lot of exp or that have a "fair" portfolio? Gentleman please understand, modeling takes patience, determination, and a "a lot of exposure"! you need to be in as many "places" as you can!...you need to have a good "attitude", ...you need to have a "good or better" portfolio showing many different "styles" of photographs with more than one photographer!, several photographers in fact! .Please don't be foolish to think one photographer can "make you" , most times it will be a combination of your work.....you need headshots, casual, fitness, formal, swimwear/underwear, artistic, etc....you need "variety" and to circulate and rotate your photographs!...add new photographs at least every few months!...Try and be photographed often!, with different styles and looks. and don't turn down too many photographers that that are offering to photograph you!, you need them, unless you are going to "pay" for photographs that "you need", .....if your not "established and popular" already , then you need exposure! Remember there was a time for many, even "brad and angelina" would show up at the mall or a "walmart opening" if it meant being photographed! Ive known of many "famous" that sell underwear, bigmacs, macaroni, or even drive "500 miles" to be photographed!, if it means your one step closer to being "discovered" and getting paid eventually.....please understand having a few photographs in a parking garage, the park, or the stairs of your apartment, and taking a few classes , doesn't make you a supermodel? yet....be patient, be determined, be mature, and most all be "willing"....remember being "good looking" just isnt enough!.. just trying to help some of you that don't know any better or dont know enough about the business to know what it really takes!........and thank you to the guys that wanna be photographed, Im getting to you ASAP in my schedule......W