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* 18 jan till 26 jan UK London
* 1 feb till 30 feb US New York

FTV Azia:


FTV Azia fashionshows:

Lady Coco Emotionwear

Lady Coco Extravaganza

Backstage bothshows:

diverse shows:

- 2003, Fashion Show ( agency Europe ) Purmerend ( brands oa. Superstar, c&a)

- 2004, hair show Heerhugoward/horizonaward

- 2005, Fashion Show guan zho China ( springcollection brand Unive)

- 2006, Fashion Show/lingerie Soest ( designer Daisy amorette)

- 2006, Fashion Show Adyaman Turkey ( brand nmret)

- 2007, Fashion Show Rietveld Amsterdam

- 2007, Fashionshow Den Haag KABK

-2007, Fashion/hairshow Swarzfkop Amsterdam

-2007, Fashionshow Athene designer Pavlos

-2007, International Amsterdam Fashionweek Harucovert

-2007, Fashionshow Blush FTV Philipines

-2007, Fashionshow Lady Coco FTV Phillipines

-2008, Hairshow Farouk Amsterdam

-2008, International Amsterdam Fashionweek Haruco-vert

-2008, Fashionshow PalWest Amsterdam

Diverse Fotoshoots/commercials:

- 2005, fotoshoot Bar the Rain in Amsterdam by Carey Hummer

- From 2004 diffrent shoots by Amateur fotografen oa. Edwin van wier

- 2005, test fotoshoot by Ron Scharris

- 2006, fotoshoot commercial Coca cola Australië door Erwin Olaf

- 2006, figuratie commercial C&A met Jan Smith

- 2006, fotoshoot Magazine Yes kleding

- 2007, Max Factor TV Commercial

-2007, Screen Test deep gold big foot productions Philipines

Nationale en Internatiole miss verkiezingen:

- 2005, Miss callantsoog Noord Holland

- 2005, Top model of the world China

- 2006, Miss liberty Queen of the world Turkey

- 2006, Miss world bikini Malta

- 2006, Miss European Toerism Sicily

- 2006, Miss civilizations of the world Turkey

- 2006, Queen of the world Germany

- 2007, Miss EU Suriname

- 2007, Miss peace international Cyprus

-2007, Miss Toerism Planet Athens

-2008, Miss model of the world China

TV shows

- china TV HICC 2005 top model of the world reallife soap

- duitsland TV total stefan rabb show ivm queen of the world

- duitsland TAFF finale show Queen of the world

-Cebu Screentest FTV

- promo FTV with sammy


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09 Apr 09 11:52
Can't believe I'm the first to leave you a TAG. I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE your port. Beauty, sexiness and poise, all wrapped up in one package! Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing more updates!...Bryce
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