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Bizarre Magazine, June 2007 issue
Rimfrost Magazine, November 2007 issue [3 photos]
Blood & Dishonour - the Satanic Sluts's official book, November 2007 [3 photos]
Poster for Burlesque Performance at The Rapture, June 2008
Poster for Rue Morgue's "The Night That Dripped Blood" in Toronto, August 2008
thelondonpaper Reader Model competition, August 2008 [2 photos]
Zoo, issue 288, page 61, September 2009
Bizarre Magazine's "Body Mod" book, September 2009
Fetish Party flyer promoted in Fort Lauderdale, November 2009 [2 photos]
Digital Camera Essentials, issue 91, December 2009, page 31
Tattoo Couture magazine, January 2010 issue
Bizarre Magazine, Christmas 2011 issue, page 49
Skin Deep 2012 Calendar

29.12.2006: Burlesque zombie performance at Purple Turtle, London
16.04.2007: Seeing Scarlet - "We Will All Be Aliens" music video shoot
09.02.2008: Subaru car shoot in Godalming, Surrey
21.04.2008: Alternative Fashion Week in Spitalfields, London
03.05.2008: squodgertsonfest group shoot at Purple Turtle, London
24.08.2008: Macmillan Breast Cancer charity shoot in Brighton
13.09.2008: Kerri Parker's Model Academy Tutorial Day in Norwich
14.02.2009: Valentine's Day Burlesque in Stroud, Gloucestershire
28.02.2009: Secret Nuclear Bunker group shoot in Essex