About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Whitney :)

First of all, THANK YOU for taking the time to check out my work! :)

-Since this part is supposed to allow you get to know me, please read...
From the moment I won my first beauty pageant, I was convinced that modeling was what I wanted to do. So now here I am, 18 years later and still loving it just as much!

-i love to have fun in shoots! If you're not having fun, you're not shooting! :D

-I like to let loose while shooting--I'll just start throwing poses out there! But if you like to give directions--please do! I love taking directions as well! We will work together and make fabulous images!

-Currently I am trying to add variety to my port. If you have any ideas you would like to work together on, please shoot me an email! I've got lots of ideas to try as well, so let's shoot!

-I DO NOT do nudes If I am comfortable with the photog ( u know who u are) then possible implied/glamour may be an option!

-I do have a boyfriend and in no way shape or form am I on here trying to use the site as a hook-up center, or any other fishy business going on. That being said, if we are working together for the first time, there is a HIGH possibility that I will be bringing an escort. They may/may not stay around the entire shoot, but one thing guaranteed is they will not get in the way! I bring an escort for my safety! You never know in these days! ;)

-I am available for TFP, but paid work is always first! I usually try to keep an updated schedule for shoots so you should know what dates I am free! It's summertime now so I will be more open than any other time of the year.

-I have experience in Promotional Modeling (now for about 2 years) and some print.

-In most of my images, I do my own hair and makeup. If an MUA was used, their credit will be listed. **MUA's are very nice to have if we are shooting tho!**

-If we have great chemistry when we work together, you will never lose me as your guinea pig! haha

Look forward to everyone I will meet from here!


**Thanks goes to those who have helped me so far and especially these 4!**
Ricki Ford: A very down to earth, genuinely nice photographer! He basically started me out! We instantly had chemistry, he is so easy to work with, and constantly makes you smile! You will feel right at home working with this photog and I am forever grateful for some of those first images of my modeling journey. Thank you for believing in me and seeing something in me that I probably didn't even see at the time. This man will capture my wedding one day!

Mike Eaddy: I worked with Mike when he was just getting started! Very talented from the get-go, and never fails to give you some absolutely awesome images! He is very crazy and very fun, and sure to make you have a fun shoot! He's a fan of my "pouty" look, right??? :D

ALFONZPHOTOGRAPHICS: I will be forever grateful to this photog! As a mostly outdoors shooter, this was my first real studio shoot. Alfonzo took me in and make me feel like a guest in his home/studio. Very easy to work with and he has a great eye for glamour/fashion photography. He gave me shots that I just couldn't even believe!

Stan (Sparkling Shadows): After a longggg awaited shoot (lol) and finally meeting Stan I instantly had chemistry with this photog. VERY easy and comfortable to work with! At our first shoot, we just jumped in together and just bammed it out! Our creativity together was marvelous and i know we will definitlely be working on LOTS of preojects together!

DMC Fotos
Bob Pardue
Luke Haselden
RB Davis
K Seven
KEP Digital Impressions
Ron Fischer
Bob Marcrum


25 May 10 22:36
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
21 Dec 09 19:47
Welcome Whitty stunning look!, If you need anything we are all here and if you are interested in contributing to our magazine, feel free to message me: http://www.ModelingINTl.com/issues Mike
01 Oct 09 05:05
Hi Whitty, thanks for accepting my FR. Nice of you. Nice port, nice images, full of diversity & creativity. You're beautiful. good job! Wish you joy, fun & bless in life. :) **** Fly To The Rainbow**** ;)
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