About Me

Hi there, my name is Trevor Griffiths and I've been involved with photography for over 20 years. I am a graduate from Middlesex University with a BA Degree in Media & Cultural Studies with Communications.

My company is iDeLick Media & Photography established to service the fashion and editorial community with photographic requirements and media communications, strategy and fashion journalism.

I am able to provide a unique perspective to photography having experienced a long professional career as a catwalk model. This lends to me an ability to create superb images with an understanding of the potential of a model and the range of photographic possibilities.


2011 BEFFTA Award Winner for Photography
2012 London Fashion Week, Feb
2011 Paris Fashion Week, Sept
2011 London Fashion Week, Sept
2011 London Fashion Week, Feb
2010 London Fashion Week, Sept
2010 London Fashion Week, Feb
2009 Zen Fashions, Stratford London UK
2009 Miss Afro-Caribbean, Barnes, London UK
2009 Newham College Fashion Week, London UK
2009 Alternative Fashion Week, Spitalfield, London UK
2009 HomoVision TV, London UK
2009 Miss Afro Hair & Beauty
2009 Emmanuel Ray, Socialite Event
2009 Lilou Mace Book Signing Event at Blackwell Bookshop (I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT - http://www.ILostMyJob-Book.com)
2009 G-Mag 10th Anniversary
2009 Archant Publishing