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Hello my name is Robert Aiken and I am a amateur professional photographer. that means I have the knowledge the skill and the talent but just not the degree. I have been doing photography for over 10 years in all different fields of photography. My vision of photography is somewhat odd yet refreshing in its own way. I don't really like how boring photography has become over the last few years. When I first saw a photograph it was like seeing an entire memory for eternity. Now when I see some of the works people put out I only see what was already done. I am tired of seeing these things that people call art, even though it is the artist that sees it differently it is the people who see it over an over again. I want to change the world of art when it comes to photography. I love to reform what is always changing, like water I shall change and become even better than I was before. I do TFP/TFCD with select models to better hone my skills as a photographer. If anyone would like to get in touch with me to help further my work or get in contact with one of the people that you see on this page. My contact info is: