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My name is Caitlin, but feel free to call me Caity. I had a page on MM, but I deleted it and decided I needed a fresh start. Sooo, I chose this site, but I'm still probably going to get a new site on MM.

Let's get all the business type stuff out of the way: No nudes. I am pretty willing to travel, but if I am being asked to go too far I might ask for compensation. I am always willing to try and compromise when it comes to travel, time, place, the like. I almost never expect compensation just for someone to take pictures of me. I don't use modeling as a source of income. I MIGHT be able to pay a photographer/makeup artisit/etc, but that is very highly unlikely. I don't really have spare money to spend on modeling, aside from every now and then adding to my wardrobe. But, once again, I am always willing to try and compromise.

OKAY! Now that's all out of the way, let's get personal :D!

I am super easy to work with, I promise. I have a good sense of humor, I'm laid back, and as a model, I take direction very well. And I beg you; if you have ANYTHING constructive to say, pleaseeeee say it! I want to learn, and I want to get better, so without any feedback, I have no idea what I am doing!

As far as shoots go, I've only been to one 'formal' shoot [not pictures taken on my crappy camera by my friends at my house]. What I really want out of a shoot is as many photos as you can take! I don't care if you take 7 billion and we only agree on three good photos, because I want the best of the best, and it's not like I'm going to nail it every time here. I'm willing to try as many different styles as my wardrobe will permit. If you ever have an idea and want to share it, go ahead, I'm all ears! And, if you ever want to know what I have going on in my wardrobe or if there are any good places to shoot here where I live, I can take pictures of whatever and send them your way to get some brain storming going!

My regular e-mail is caitlin_geebot@yahoo.com, and a newer e-mail account I got specifically for modeling sites is caity_actually93@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me through either, or on myspace at myspace.com/illneverletthemhurtyou_93.


27 Jan 10 14:09
If I find out that you traveled to Nashville by car and didn't stop in Kentucky to shoot with me....... ~Gary
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