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About Me

Hi my name is Noemi Letizia; I'm an 18 year old beautiful girl
from the City of Naples. I am a model and a dancer. I love to hang out
with my friends, have fun, and go on adventures to explore new things.
My passion revolves around the entertainment world and fashion/modeling

I was rumored to have been linked with one of the richest man in Italy, a big controversy that involved ones family with politics. The issue was all about a gold necklace gift I received from a certain Mr. BERLUSCONI, said "WHAT THE HECK!!! it's my 18th birthday, and he is the prime minister... Anyway, its just a rumor and some people are just jealous or don't have anything better to do. I am honored that a great man such as the prime minister is a close friend of mine. I see nothing wrong with people giving gifts to their friends as long as they can afford it . I mean he is a multi-billionaire for crying out loud... 6,000 Euros is just pocket change for him. I have met people with much less spend twice that amount for their friends. Hmmm .. on second thought, for a billionaire, he is cheap .. haha.

BTW: Just in case you didn't get it, this isn't a real profile. Get a life!

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