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I just entered the modeling scene at the age of 26 with one appearance in a local calendar for Tulsa girls in 2008 and an intense amount of other photo shoots in the last 3 months. My ultimate goal is to create art. I don't want to simply take pictures, I want to create something beautiful. I'm looking for more artistic opportunities than just simply modeling for fashion & glamor, but rather projects that give myself and the photographer a chance to be more expressive in creative or classic ways. I Love doing nudes,( or body painting). My rates are a Minimum of a $100/ 2 hour shoot. I do reserve the right to bring an escort to those shoots. I'm currently in Tulsa but I will be moving west in search of gold (insert canned laughter here)...in July so if you live in the Sacramento/San Fran area and have some interesting ideas, please contact me! I love acting as well so this is an attempt to put my face out there and see what I can reel in. :) I can be contacted via e mail @ soloh08@yahoo.com or via myspace (you can also check out the rest of the photos from each of the shoots I've done). Feel free to leave comments and suggestions-I'm a sucker for attention- smile Look forward to hearing from you!
Also Check out my profiles on Model Mayhem #883171.
Manifest plainness,

Embrace simplicity,

Reduce selfishness,

Have few desires.

-Lao tzu


Credits are under the photographer's names as listed on Model Mayhem (number of * indicates number of times shot with):


Dx3 photography*

Nick Simonini*- not on MM

Natural Light Photography***-not on MM

Accidental Artist***

Ballistic Penguin*

Photography by Trevor*

Photography by Mollie*

Keith Goodman*

Kevin Camp**



Stephen Melvin/Leggy Mountbatten*

Okie Studios*

Escapades (OKC)*

Tulsa Digital Photo Group*

Misty May Studios/ Fog Images*

Models I have worked with:

Kelley Gayle*

Deitra Laniece*

Lauren Lynn*

1 Matthew Ross*


21 Jul 10 16:40
Thank you for your visit, I really appriciate your signature!!! LoL :@) Pietro
21 Jul 10 14:53
You are very welcome. Please visit my page I would really love your opinion! :@) Pietro
22 Jun 10 14:05
You are CRAZY - I like you! Port tells me I gotta work with you.
19 May 10 23:35
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out ModelingINTL.com its free and offers 100 photo space!
16 Jul 09 15:53
first tag... thanks for the add... hot port! MP
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