About Me

Capturing the essence of feminine beauty is what I enjoy most. I believe that nudity is natural and the female figure is artistic by nature, deserving absolute appreciation, admiration and respect. The women you'll see here are strong, confident, and proud individuals, opting to share their beauty with our viewers. Split-Vision models are never portrayed as abused or submissive, in despair or decay. Split-Vision Photography is a celebration of feminine beauty.

I work directly with models and not through agents, managers or other representatives.

Supportive companions are generally welcome to join as escorts, unless the casting call specifically states otherwise.

All images are captured with the idea of possible future publication in mind.

Most of the images featured in this portfolio have had some degree of editing with photoshop.

Models are always given credit unless the model has specifically requested that her name and credit be withheld.

I hope you enjoy what you see here. Please write me with any comments you might have. I'd love to hear from you.

Ed Johnston
Split-Vision Photography

email: SplitVisionPhotography@gmail.com


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