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About Me

Creds: I am just getting into the Portrait/Model side of photography and, on a recommendation from a friend photographer/model, figured this was a good place to start. I've been into photography for a few of years now but my work is predominantly Aerial Photography, Landscapes, sports, Aviation and Motorsports (as an enthusiast). I've done a couple small photoshoots (for friends), and taken candid type photos at various events (sweet 16s, get togethers, one wedding etc).

What I am trying to do: I have been rolling the idea around to start doing photography as a side job, but I want to build a nice successful portfolio and become proficient with the "people" side of photography. That is where YOU come in.

What I am looking for: A model of any experience/skill level who is willing to do modeling work for Photos(Time for Photos). I am not looking to get paid, or to pay for services at this point, this will be a learning experience for myself and the model(s). I am very open to any ideas you may have or things you want to try. I will do any type of photoshoot from Senior portraits, to Engagement photos, to Glamour/Nude. I just need the opportunity to hone my skills using lighting, working with a model, composition etc.

What you get from me: As far as the photos are concerned I will gladly give you the photos from the shoot via CD, Email, Removable media. I am currently shopping for a good printer and will include Prints in the near future. As far as myself, you will get a mature, hardworking individual who is punctual, adventerous and easy to get along with. I shoot with a Canon 60D and have been shooting with a DSLR for about 3 years. I will ask that you bring a photo I.D. for any shoots that are "risque" in nature and will do all that I can so that you, also, feel comfortable before, during, and after the shoots. I have no problem with meeting face to face before the shoot if you'd like and in some instances will prefer a before hand meeting. 
A little about me: My name is Daniel and am 26 years old. I currently reside in North Fort Worth (Keller area). I've done quite a bit of traveling and have lived around the world. I am into Performance Cars, Fishing, Kayaking (and anything else outdoors), photography and am very well read. I am never far from a music player, and I listen to just about everything. If you have feel free to ask, hope to hear from you :-).