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Please note: I'm primarily a bondage and fetish photographer, and the photos in my portfolio reflect that. If fetish offends you, please do not go further.

If I have sent you a friend request I wish to work with you but I haven't been able to shoot you a message. Keep an eye out for it, you should hear from me shortly.

While I do not consider myself to be a professional photographer, I do conduct myself in a very professional manner, including the safety of my models. I also have my fiancée on set to assist me and provide an extra level of comfort to the models I work with. I'm interesting in shooting anything sexy or different, from playing in mud, body paint, fetish, bondage, DID. Let me know you ideas and what your looking to do. My shoots generally last 2-3 hours, possibly longer depending on the model. There is no sexual contact before, during, or after the shoot. Models must be over 18, no exceptions and photo ID's will be required. Feel free to contact me here on MM or through email at LubovModeling@gmail.com.

*You are more than welcome to bring an escort(s) or someone with you to a shoot. I encourage you do if it will make you more comfortable during the shoot, however they must not be in the way during the shoot. Escorts will not touch my equipment unless asked to do so, nor will they participate in the shoot. If bringing a significant other, please forewarn them of the content you will be shooting as jealousy will not be tolerated*

I won't accept any friend requests from those that indicate no fetish or bondage on their profile. If you don't know how innocent and how much fun it is, then no sense in being friends! Will not accept FR from MALE models.


Models I've had the extreme pleasure of working with include the following (in no particular order):

Meshel - Not Yet on iStuido
Ashley - Not Yet on iStudio


07 Jun 11 04:23
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