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Hello and thanks for checking out my profile. I hope you will take the time to actually read this because I will read yours. If you don't and I can tell by your message, I won't work with you. I would never message a photographer about working if I'd not read their profile and taken into consideration what they had to say about themselves and their work. Yes, it is long, but it will prevent us from having to do a lot of back and forth about the basics and enable us to get down to the nitty gritty smile

MYSELF AND GOALS: I'm not interested in becoming a full time model, I have no dreams of becoming famous. I do this for fun and for art. It's something I do on the side as a hobby. Please don't proposition me about building my portfolio so that I can "make it". The only thing I'm interested in achieving with my modeling is enjoying myself. Other than that, I'm very open to try new things. My number one goal in every shoot is to achieve something that myself and the photographer would be happy to say they took part in. I'm very charismatic in front of a camera but I tend to be a bit shy in front of new photographers. I don't mind being posed by a photographer, especially when we first get started, but I do my best work if you just give me general direction after that. I don't like being posed for ten minutes before the actual work ensues. I'm great at posing myself, ask anyone I've worked with.

NUDES: I love to do artistic nudes but I will not do anything spread leg, pornographic or lewd in nature. Please don't ask me to do this. Currently, I am not taking any more studio, fine art nude work unless the photographer is willing to also shoot something else THAT DAY. I love doing fine art work but I feel I have enough of it in my portfolio and if there's anything else I need, I have a great photographer two minutes from me to do that type of work. If I am going to take the time to work with a photographer on what he/she wants, I'd like to walk away with something to add to my portfolio.

EXPECTATIONS: Please don't book me if you're behind on editing. I expect a CD with my pictures within a reasonable time frame and would like to see examples of the work you've finished in the mean time. I understand most photographers have a job outside of this but it's extremely rude to keep a model waiting for her pictures. Too many photographers bitch about models who cancel on you or are flakes yet you won't have our pictures ready for weeks, months at a time. If I show up and act like a professional, I expect you to return me the favor. If you keep me waiting for my pictures more than the agreed upon time, I will never work with you again and I won't give you good references, I don't care how good your work is. Period.

TRAVEL: I only travel within a few hours. I will not travel unless my travel expenses will be completely paid for, possibly including a hotel or other accommodations; this does not include travel work that I have initiated. For work that requires travel, I always bring an escort, usually one that is also a model, unless I have worked with you before. Because of this, we try to book shootings together for convenience. We are willing to shoot individually and together, just as long as both of us can walk away with something.

RATES: I am starting to accept fewer TF* shoots for nudes. I have extremely reasonable rates. If you have a great idea for a TF* shoot, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Things I'm interested in doing:
-partner yoga series
-brightly colored outfits/backgrounds
-landscape nudes
-Pagan themed sets
-with another model (male or female)
-date scene
-trash the dress session
-military (I have the outfit, need props!)
-series of facial expressions

P.S. I won't add you unless we can potentially work together. If you're just looking to get your numbers up, this isn't MySpace. I use this profile for professional reasons. If you're in California and we've never talked before, I won't add you. Same goes for anywhere else.


CreditsMODELS, FEEL FREE TO ASK ME FOR REFERENCES FOR ANY OF THESE PHOTOGRAPHERS.Photographers I have worked with:Ken Centauri MM#649065DPX MM#593284Absolute Imagery MM#416615Mitch Gerdes MM#64347Blake White MM#120259James Peek MM#1054636Dan KosterC Michael Graves MM#1260Stephen Melvin MM#193886Keith Goodman MM#15143Chris Green2006 PSNWA Symposium: Ernie Rice MM#15274Amber HuckinsModels I have worked with:Cierra Moore MM#1072709Sindra MM#1103908


09 Jan 12 08:49
Hi i love your port... Im a retoucher and a photographer (IS:24577) and i would be in interested shooting or retouching some photos for you :) please let me know if your interested and we can talk about it :) thank you for your time
31 Jul 10 14:14
19 May 10 23:34
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out its free and offers 100 photo space!
20 Jul 09 11:10
I like your stated philosophies... especially about this not being myspace
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