About Me

I'm a very experienced and published model photographer from Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm not interested in fashion photography, which I see as transient and trivial, with little or no lasting value. I don't worry about your height, only fashion models need to be 5'8" or over. Glamour or art nude models can be any height, as long as you're in proportion. As for age - I never, repeat NEVER shoot with women under 18 years old, but have no real upper age limits. I've had some great photo session with women who thought at first they were too old to be photographed; 30's, 40's, and even a few very stunning 50+ models.

I shoot lingerie/topless as a minimum, so if you want to be a clothed fashion model, please find another photographer. I also shoot art nude, and occasionally Fetish/BDSM. It all depends on what level the model is happy with.

I operate on a TFCD basis - which means you give me a few hours of your time as a model, and in return I will give you a CD with a set of your photographs. No money changes hands - it's a swap deal.

Escort/Chaperone Policy: I have neither the room not facilities to accommodate spectators. I have no problem with someone dropping you off and coming back to collect you, but having a husband or boyfriend present never works. I've had too many photo sessions ruined that way - I know from years of experience that it WILL make you more nervous. Sorry if I sound abrupt and confrontational, but after 25+ years in the business I've seen it all before and know what I'm talking about.

Finally, I'm actually a very friendly, patient, and helpful person - I know you'll probably need to be directed and helped through the photo session. I am used to working with inexperienced models, and I'll be giving tips on posing, lighting, tricks of the trade, etc throughout your shoot. None of the models on my profile had modelled before and together we seem to have gotten some very nice pics. So, I look forward to working with you. :)