About Me

I am a professional photographer in the Los Angeles area specializing in portraiture, fashion, and commercial photography. My philosophy regarding photography is simple: experience; intuition; a solid relationship with the model; and a good eye; create amazing photographs.

It is extremely important for both the model and photographer to keep up-to-date and dynamic portfolios. The modeling industry is in constant change. Fashion, style, trends, hair, make-up, and attitude determine the current "look" and drive the industry. You must be ready to show your work at all times and it must be trendy.

As a photographer, my product is simply a marketing tool for you the model. My photographs become your visual resume. They will be seen by countless agencies and related organizations and that is why I take such great pride in my work.

All normally accepted terms considered. Headshot, fashion, and commercial sittings at very competitive rates. TFCD and/or TFP considered on a very selective basis. Please contact me for additional information.


Don Pollard Photography and Imaging - Owner / Photographer
Professional Photographers of America
National Association of Photoshop Professionals