About Me

I am a part time photographer in Southern California, about one hour north of Downtown L.A. My genre is in the art of photography and so I typically look beyond the traditional photograph and transform the image, testing traditional boundaries. In the past, I have incorporated other media as well, creating silkscreens and glass etchings, and hope to push the image further as the technology changes.

Unlike many photographers and what you might typically look for, my photographs and artworks are not just meant to be "pretty pictures" or something you might find in a fashion magazine. My work is meant to have a deeper meaning in the final image. Some of my work may seem very basic, or very busy to the viewer. This is by all means intentional.

I consider myself an expressionist. My goal is to make whoever is looking at my work think about what I am trying to say with it. The last things I am concerned about is how pretty an image is or how beautiful I portray a subject. I want to know what thoughts or feelings the image evokes.

The first images in my portfolio are more traditional photographs. Although they are traditional, I am still making a statement with each one. As you progress you will come to my photo-manipulations. These images are influenced by the pop art era and the artistic erotica that Helmut Newton was known for. These may seem very busy or confusing, but that is intentional. Many of these contain deep emotions and in some cases are meant to make the viewer feel uncomfortable.

And now, in the great words of the minimalist movement, less is more, so I will shut up and let you go enjoy.

Major Influences:

• Helmut Newton • Roy Lichtenstein
• George Hurrell • Jasper Johns
• Diane Arbus • Robert Rauschenberg
• Andy Warhol • Salvador Dali
• Man Ray • Marcel Duchamp