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About Me

I studied industrial design at university. When I finished I did some work experience with well-known designer Luigi COLANI (colani.de). Even though we ran an uphostery factury at that time, I spent time on taking about 5000 pictures with the small Minox C, I shaped new forms and I kept following the path of photography. Then I started my own business in Europe selling race car lamps such as H1,H2,H3,H4 and H7 including lamps for ships and airplanes and since then, photography has become my hobby. I have worked with Nikon systems and since the Digital Era, I have exclusively been working with Sony devices. I am currently looking for international female models open to all kinds of aesthetic photo shootings with affordable rates. The models, who enjoyed helping me improve my OMP Gold Membership through modeling for presentations, are the website girls now. If you are interested, I will be pleased to hear from you through my OMP-website. Some people say that I am an excellent photographer. So you decide because those, who consider themselves to be the best in the field, are often the worst. Those who possess a great talent are often the most modest and the best photographers, who know how to handle a camera. I´d like to thank all American photographers, who gave me positive critics on my art work because this is the greatest gift you can get. American models oversea, from Europe or Germany are invited to contact me, I´ll gladly support them in developing their OMP-site for free, if time allows.