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I spent many years shooting glassware and brass objects plus some food which with a 8x10 view camera this gave me a good base for lighting a subject . I started shooting females about 3 years ago and found a true love for the female body , lighting the shapely body in a creative and faltering way is what makes it all work I am always in search of lady's who are willing to model for me in trade for there portfolio (TFP)
The images you see are lady's who wanted something special to give to there love
or a piece of unique art for there home using them as the subject (a one of a kind)
We also have been doing quite a few future mommies ( pregnant )
I would like to do a lot more of this kind of photography because I seem to relate to it and I HAVE lots of ideas but always in need of models to help me achieve and improve my craft. If there is any interest in this kind of trade please e-mail me @ mybodyofwork@hotmail.com Please do not ask me to shoot nude or implied--I always wear clothes when I shoot 0 Due to negative previous experience, our shoots are closed - no guests, BF GF or managers Sorry



09 Feb 14 19:21
Stunning port! Best of luck :)
17 Oct 13 22:18
Hello Nicholas! Thanks for the all the kind and flattering pic comments! I checked out your port too, and I love your work!
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