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About Me


I'm interested in collaborating with female models on creative projects that will help expand my knowledge of photography.
I've decided to focus on woman beauty and portraits as well as glamour / pinups shoots. My dream would be to shoot for fashion and mens magazines. However, I'm open to pretty much any ideas. I'm open to shoot with non-nude and nude models on TFCD or paid arrangement. Although I can afford to pay for a shoot with an experienced model, I would also shoot TFCD with the right model and a creative situation. If you are interested in paid shoots, and sharing creative ideas, contact me. I don't work with anyone under 18 years of age. I will supply digital photos to the model.

I have access to a large studio space in Montreal and would like to do studio and/or location shoots this summer.

A few friendly notes

1- Don't waste my time please! If you don't show up for a shoot or if you let me believe you're interested to finally decide at the very last minute to not shoot, I will tell all my friends about your unprofessional behaviour.

2- When a photographer send you an email, have the courtesy to reply. Even if you're not interested. Just say so. If you're not serious about modelling, please leave the site and delete your portfolio. Everything in photography cost money : the model, the studio, the equipment, our time too ! Every time I get some amateur wannabe model that is here only for fun, I loose money. So please, be professional.

3- If you don't want to do nude, please add to your portfolio : No nude. Two simple words and no pro will ever ask you for it. Don't get insulted if we ask otherwise.

4- A word about bringing escort to a shoot. Understand that we're as much at risk than you are. Photographers are often being pushed by jealous boyfriends, have expensive equipment stolen by "escorts" and have to suffer unwanted comments from family members... I have a no escort policy unless you bring another model to the shoot.

So for all the professional, reliable, beautiful models out-there, get in touch with me and let's work...