About Me


I am looking to network with people in modeling, graphic editing and design, and photography business. I have over a decade of experience in photography and graphic design.




I will do very limited TFCD or TFP if we both have something to gain from them and we come up with a great idea. I have done body paint, artistic nudes (implied), high fashion and runway photography.





Recently, I have decided to end most TF** work. I feel as though I have learned enough and and done enough to be able to deliver amazing portraits to clients. Also anything that comes free to someone usually isn't respected as much as something that they paid their hard earned money for. I want people to respect what I do so i will ask that I be compensated for my time now.

I will not rule out a TF** shoot altogether. There are still shots & models that I wish to get in my portfolio, but those shots and models are limited few. If I think you would make my portfolio shine then we can work something out. If I contacted you, most likely its because i would like to see you in my portfolio.

What part of the game is that? I thought it was a photographers job to either aid you in getting paid work, or to shoot you for a company that actually pays the both of you.... Am I wrong on that?

It is also my understanding that models should be paying photographers because they are providing them with a service that could lead to them getting paid. This simple concept is called investing in yourself.

If you have a business, you have to spend money to make money. RIGHT!? Same thing goes in modeling. You have to pay for hair, make up, wardrobe and PHOTOGRAPHERS in order to market yourself to that special publication that you want to be in. How will they know what you look like without a good headshot? Is a photographer supposed to pay you in order to get you work in that magazine?

You get paid by the photographer, then that photographers work gets you enough recognition to get you a job in some fancy publication that wants to pay you. How did that benefit the photographer? Get my point?

I wanted to publish my own catalog or magazine that was going to get me paid... I'd pay you then especially if youre a well known model! But im not doing any of the magazines or websites, so how does me paying you benefit my career? It doesnt. I can show off my talents shooting my grandmother if I need to get work. I dont need a self proclaimed "professional" model to prove my skills. Its the lighting, the composition, & the post work that prove my skills, not the models I shoot.

Models... If you dont have a name in the business already... I will not pay you unless we come to an agreement. I will invest in myself in order to show my worth on rare occasions but a well named model will still gain profitability even from the portraits I provide. No one will want to provide themselves or their services if they will not receive an equal compensation. It's like I am paying you (The model) for prictures to add to my portfolio or magazine subscription and you do not get any pictures or recognition from the shoot. Now would anyone agree to that arrangement??


I thought things like this would not need to be mentioned but I guess I have to go there....

I have had to deal with a few instances of extreme tardiness. And I do mean EXTREME. This was when I was just getting started with shooting models so I just had to suck it up at the time because I needed to fill my portfolio. That being said, I cannot tolerate it any longer.

Besides photography, I do have a life around it. I have a wife and a child plus an outside life. My photography is my life and I do love it but in order for me to be on time to the places that my life does revolve around, I have to follow a strict schedule. If you come 15 minutes late then I have to make a decision to either reschedule you or to cut our shoot 15 minutes short. My other option is to just not even open the door for you when you arrive. I know things to come up especially people dealing with children or family and that I do have respect for. But the thing is to be courteous.

If you are late be certain you are ready to face whatever consequences that may come with that. The last person I shot that did that to me didnt get her photos retouched for quite some time. After 3 failed attempts i gave up on the person but he needed the portraits immediately. This person needed my services but did not abide with me schedule. But in turn, needed the portraits immediately. I am compassionate but also impatient. When she asked what was up I was glad to tell her that she was extremely late for the shoot so she should not complain about me being extremely late with her photos... She could only say one thing... "Im sorry... You're right, I was late." Iknow others have personal life and work but if I ask for a early time it's for a reason. I will work with you as muchas I can. But if you cancel or do not show up I will not shoot you. And that goes the same for location shots. I am usually there 30 mins early. So if I have to wait for you that will cut into your time or I will leave.

I don't have a huge issue with escorts, however, im also not one who likes escorts to come to a shoot without knowing about them coming ahead of time. There is nothing worse than having a model arrive with 5 people that I had no idea were all coming. They tend to be a bit distracting sometimes and can cause uncomfortable gestures that will show up in pictures especially boyfriends or girlfriends who have no idea of what we are shooting.

If its your first time shooting with me and you feel that I might be crazy then you are justified but please let me know ahead of time. If you are unsure you can contact any of the models I have shot.

Lately, I feel like I'm the one who needs an escort! I have all this expensive equipment and you're bringing some big dude named Jethro along with you who looks like he just got out of prison for aggravated assault and armed robbery... I NEED THE ESCORT! NOT YOU! All you have is your pretty little self to bring and I have me and 50 million dollars in equipment & lenses (yeah im exaggerating a bit here)... Who really needs security, me or you!?

Think about it. You set up the shoot online or in person... You have my address, my phone number and all my personal information. Before you get to the shoot, just tell the world you are coming to shoot with me & give them my information, that way if I decide to kidnap your ass, your people will know where to come and look for you. LOL!

Seriously. If you shoot with me and decide to bring anyone with you. First you need to let me know. Second. They will need to do some work or wait outside. And models, it's ok to bring your boyfriends IF they support you fully. If we discuss you doig a swimsuit or lingerie shots and he don't know about it then that will cause a problem. Trudt me I have a loving wife and I am devoted to her. So I am not looking to score anything. If there is any interruption due to the person I will stop the shoot.

If you are captivated by my work and wish to set up a shoot feel free to email me for details. My rates are competitive, affordable in todays economy, and can be negotiated. So come on let's make some art together...