About Me

A professional artist.

Until I moved to Tucson, I headed the Visual Media department at the network award winning and multi-platinum GTR/Venue Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.

I specialize in complex videography solutions for corporate programming and film productions, as well as computer generated imagery and product photography.

When not working on large scale events and projects I turn my attention to photography and the Imaging Arts.

I also help to develop high quality introduction videos for models, actors, actresses and businesses.

This is a promo video for a photoshoot I did with Nadia Arrazcaeta: http://youtu.be/o-WU9PmisxE

This is a promo video for a photoshoot I did with Erica Soto.

I love the arts and use them to make a living for myself, so everything I do is one hundred percent professional.


Director, One Drop Of Love, music Video, for Venue Studios) http://youtu.be/5zbo9OIpgxs

Project Love, Corporate Video Producer/Director

Purple America, Corporate Video Producer/Director

LA Times, Photographer

Outhiphop.com, Photographer

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Photographer

The Candidate 2010, Head of Production

The Source, Photographer

Instinct Magazin, Photographer

Director, Dilemma, Clicklist Video of the Year 2008 on LOGO

Director, Tear, honorable mention, 2008 Indie Gathering

Director, Demons in My Head, music video

Director, Still Getting Paid, music video

HELLWEEK: The Movie, Editor, Second Unit Director, Visual FX Artist


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